Is Cole Sprouse Gay? The Actor’s LGBT Character Portrayal Sparks Speculation!

Cole Sprouse’s portrayal of “Jughead Jones” in Riverdale has given rise to a lot of speculation among his followers. There was a lot of talk regarding Cole because of how he was portrayed in Riverdale. 

Several Netflix webseries viewers feel queer vibes from Cole Sprouse’s character. But are all of the rumors accurate? Or are they merely unfounded rumors? Learn all there is to know about Cole Sprouse’s sexual orientation in this post!

Is Cole Sprouse Gay?

Is Cole Sprouse Gay?

No, Cole Sprouse Is Not Gay. In spite of several speculations, the American actor has never been seen dating a male in any of his previous engagements. He’s actually dated a number of women in the past. The current sexual orientation rumors that are circulating are absolutely untrue.

He is widely recognized for his role as Jughead Jones in Riverdale, which is the only reason many people assume he is gay. Despite not being gay, Jughead Jones is depicted in the web series as an asexual.

Jughead’s asexuality was acknowledged in the 2015 series, and certain “traditional” versions of the character, like the one in Twelve Cent Archie, treated it as self-evident. Nevertheless, other iterations of the character have done away with this facet of his personality.

Jughead truly describes himself as aromantic and asexual. Hence, it makes sense that many fans were furious when Jughead began dating Betty.

Jughead was in fact deeply in love with Betty Cooper, so we can’t assume that simply because he is asexual and aromantic, he is gay. Jughead’s orientation is thus rather obvious.

With all of that being said, we shouldn’t assume that simply because Cole Sprouse portrayed an asexual character, he is gay. It would be unethical to compare Cole Sprouse’s professional character’s sexual orientation to his own personal sexual orientation because it was his job as an actor to portray the asexual character.

From a very young age, Sprouse has harbored crushes on many famous women. He admitted to The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert that he first became attracted to women as a boy. Cole admitted to Colbert that his intense crush on Jennifer Aniston caused him to forget his lines during the Friends episode.

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Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating?

Is Cole Sprouse Gay?

Since 2021, Ari Fournier and Cole Sprouse have been a couple. Sprouse and Fournier had kept a low profile during their relationship, but their romance was first publicly acknowledged in March 2021 when they were photographed holding hands in Vancouver, Canada. The former stars of Suite Life of Zack & Cody made their relationship on Instagram official in July of that same year.

As many people can recall, Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, his Riverdale co-star, were engaged in a widely publicized on-and-off relationship. In August 2020, the pair announced their separation. Since his breakup with Reinhart, Sprouse has been romantically involved with two women, the second of whom is Fournier. In October 2020, he was spotted with Reina Silva.

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Why Did Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse Breakup?

Is Cole Sprouse Gay?

The two fell in love after meeting on the Riverdale set in 2016, and their romance was on and off for almost three years. Viewers were much more interested in Cole and Lili’s private lives because they had on-screen lovers, Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper.

Although they were in a decent place when Riverdale was evacuated due to the coronavirus outbreak, the couple regrettably separated in May 2020. They isolated themselves separately, and distance has never been helpful for their relationship. Both artists found it tough to leave their relationship, but they are still close friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cole Sprouse

Who Is Cole Sprouse?

Cole Mitchell Sprouse is a photographer and actor from the United States.

Is Cole Sprouse Gay?

No, Cole Sprouse is not gay.

Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating?

Ari Fournier and Cole Sprouse have been in a relationship since 2021.

Why Did Cole Sprouse Break Up With Lilli Reinhart?

They separated when the coronavirus pandemic forced Riverdale to close, and distance has never been helpful for their relationship. Both artists found it tough to leave their relationship, but they are still close friends.

Did Cole Sprouse Play an Asexual Character in Riverdale?

Yeah, in one of the more recent comic books, it was revealed that Cole Sprouse’s Jughead is an asexual who does not feel sexual attraction.

Did Cole Sprouse Act in Friends?

Yes. In Friends, Cole Sprouse portrayed Ben Geller from seasons 6 to 8.

What Is The Net Worth of Cole Sprouse?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cole Sprouse has an estimated net worth of $8 million.