Is Colin Grafton Gay? Rumors Fly as The Skater Teams Up With a Drag Queen on “Dancing on Ice.”

Colin Grafton, the American skater and model, is in the news as people are curious about his sexual preference. While Colin Grafton competes in “Dancing on Ice” with a drag queen, rumors are spreading rapidly. Many of Colin’s fans believe that he is gay and that he’s dating the drag queen off-stage.

Are all the rumors real, though? Or are they merely unfounded? From his personal to professional life, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Colin Grafton in this post!

Is Colin Grafton Gay?

Is Colin Grafton Gay?

No, Colin Grafton Is Not Gay, despite all the rumors. Colin has never openly admitted to being gay to his followers. Also, he hasn’t been spotted with any guys, so it is safe to assume that he is gay.

Who Is Colin Grafton Dating?

Colin Grafton has not been spotted with anyone as of 2023. Also, he is not known to have ever been in a relationship before because he likes to keep his love life a secret from his admirers.

Despite the fact that he and his best friend Brooke appear to be rather close on his Instagram page, we can’t be certain if he is dating his best friend because he hasn’t told his followers anything about it.

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Who Is Colin Grafton’s Skating Partner?

Grafton participated with The Vivienne in Dancing on Ice’s 15th season in 2023. James Lee Williams, commonly known as “The Vivienne,” is the first-ever drag queen to compete in the ITV skating competition. James, now 30 years old, arrived in Liverpool at the age of 16 after being born and raised in North Wales.

Because she was well-known for donning a lot of Vivienne Westwood apparel, the Welsh TV personality chose her stage name accordingly. She was named the UK Ambassador of RuPaul’s Drag Race in May 2015 and debuted on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Britain in 2019.

Following her victory, The Vivienne and the other Drag Race contestants set out on a tour of the UK. The following year, The Vivienne also got married to David Ludford.

Many people believe Colin Grafton and The Vivienne are romantically involved; however, since The Vivienne is married to David Ludford, their relationship is strictly professional. David Ludford has been dating The Vivienne since October 2017 and owns the company Drag Helmet, which sells wigs to drag performers.

How Did Colin Grafton Get Famous?

Is Colin Grafton Gay?

Colin Grafton won the bronze medal for the United States in the junior division at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Minsk with his previous partner, Kylie Duarte. In October 2012, the duo made the decision to dissolve their partnership.

He rose to prominence after appearing in the 15th season of ITV’s Dancing on Ice in 2023, partnering with The Vivienne.In the first week, the duo succeeded in winning over the judges, placing second and receiving 28.5 points out of a possible 40.

They tied for third place overall after scoring an incredible 32.5 points during musicals week.

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What Is Colin Grafton’s Net Worth?

Is Colin Grafton Gay?

According to Buzz Learn, Colin Grafton is worth anywhere between $1 million and $ 7 million. His prime occupation as a skater has brought him a significant amount of wealth.