Is Cortnee Vine Gay? Here’s Everything About Her Personal Life!

Is Cortnee Vine gay? Australian soccer player Cortnee Vine currently plays for Sydney FC after formerly playing for the Western Sydney Wanderers, Brisbane Roar, and Newcastle Jets, all of which were W-League teams.

She represented Australia at the under-17 and under-20 levels before making her senior debut at the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup.

She started out as a winger on the right side of the field, but she is equally skilled at playing full-back in the defensive third.

Since Matildas are now playing in the semifinals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, people have been guessing about the sexuality of almost every player on the team which includes Cortnee Vine this time, since most of them are gay.

So, is Cortnee Vine also gay? Or is she an exception in Matildas? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the soccer player’s sexual orientation.

Is Cortnee Vine Gay?

is cortnee vine gay

Yes, Cortnee Vine is a proud gay woman. While Cortnee Vine has never explicitly discussed her sexual orientation in public or on her social media platforms, her actions have certainly spoken volumes.

By openly being in a romantic relationship with a woman, she has effectively put to rest any rumors about her sexuality. She has even admitted that she did not need to “Come Out.”

While it’s always important to respect an individual’s right to privacy and not make assumptions about their personal life, her choice to share her relationship in a transparent way is a strong indicator that she identifies as gay.

It’s a reminder that someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t always need to be vocalized to be understood, and it’s ultimately up to each person to determine how and when they want to express their identity.

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Who Is Cortnee Vine Dating?

Cortnee Vine has been dating Charlotte Mclean for a while, but the two haven’t revealed their precise date of first meeting since they didn’t think it was necessary to publicly declare their love.

Vine has lived with Mclean for some time now, so being away from home to play for Sydney FC and Australia’s National Women’s Soccer Team hasn’t been too difficult for her.

The family of both Mclean and Vine is quite supportive of the relationship between the couple. Talking about her coming out experience to parents Vine explained,

“We kind of looked at it like we shouldn’t have to do that, like why do we have to ‘announce’ that we’re together, and sit down with the parents and all that stuff?”

The duo claimed that avoiding the normal publicity stunts that celebrity couples engage in when coming out as a couple was the best course of action.

According to Optus Sports, Vine revealed her uncertainty about the relationship when she first started dating Charlotte because both of them had previously dated men.

“I found it hard initially to kind of be accepting of that of myself, and be like, ‘I’m with a girl’, because beforehand we both dated guys, and it just kind of happened.

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They were not surprised when she revealed their relationship to her family and friends. They said, “Yeah, we thought you were dating.” Vine stated.