Is Cote De Pablo Gay? What Is the Sexuality of NCIS Fame?

Is Cote De Pablo gay? Cote de Pablo, also known as Mara José de Pablo Fernández, is a Chilean-American actress and singer.

She was born in Santiago, Chile, and immigrated to the US when she was 10 years old to pursue an acting career.

When Cote de Pablo, also known as Ziva, abruptly left NCIS after working there for over ten years.

For many years, Cote de Pablo’s sexuality has been the subject of speculation from her followers and other individuals. Many people believe she is gay as a consequence.

Do you think Cote de Pablo is gay? Or are these rumors just untrue? To find out the truth regarding the actress’ sexual orientation, let’s get right in and read the article.

Is Cote De Pablo Gay?

is cote de pablo gay

No, Cote De Pablo is not gay. An extraordinarily brilliant and gorgeous actress has been the subject of continuous sexuality speculation.

Despite her decision to keep her private life secret, it’s crucial to remember that she has never come out in public about her sexuality.

Given her attractiveness and charm, it seems sensible that people would be inquisitive. But it’s important to avoid making assumptions or assumptions based only on hearsay.

Her little involvement on social media, which has resulted in a lack of updates on her personal life, is one feature that followers frequently criticize.

However, it is important to note that further investigation reveals that Cote de Pablo has only ever had intimate relationships with males.

Her heterosexual orientation can be inferred from these associations. In the end, it’s crucial to respect her privacy and value the extraordinary skill she brings to her job.

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Who Is Cote De Pablo Dating?

is cote de pablo gay

Cote De Pablo is not dating anyone as of now. Cote has a history of keeping her love life a secret. There was one individual, though, to whom she didn’t think twice about expressing her devotion.

Beginning in 2000, the 33-year-old actress dated Ecuadorian actor Diego Serrano for 15 long years.

Cote even concocted fantasies of marrying Diego and starting a family. Sadly, after spending 15 years together, the couple split up.

There was no concrete evidence to support the rumors that the attractive actress and her co-star Michael Weatherly developed a romantic interest.

Nevertheless, Michael made out with her while she was being cast in order to test whether they would click as a couple.

Therefore, her reported relationship on set may have contributed to the real reason for her breakup. But since there isn’t any proof, it’s still a mystery. The actress is also still technically on the market.

Because the actress has never openly declared her sexuality, even the females who were formerly attracted to the attractive Cote may still have a chance to date her now.

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What Is Cote De Pablo’s Net Worth?

is cote de pablo gay

Cote de Pablo has an estimated net worth of  $9 million. She is recognized for portraying Ziva David in the CBS television program “NCIS.”

Prior to this, she cohosted the Latin American chat program “Control” and starred in the Fox courtroom drama “The Jury,” which was very briefly on air.

The miniseries “The Dovekeepers” and the movie “The 33” are a couple of de Pablo’s other works. Cote had a $120,000 average salary for NCIS season which at some point reached $3 million per season.