Is Courtney Cason Pregnant? Here’s Everything About Her Pregnancy Status!

Is Courtney Cason pregnant? Courtney Cason is an American presenter and Brand Ambassador of Givenchy Beauty. For around six months, she served as an intern at WSB-TV for Kimberley Kennedy and the program Hot Topics.

Additionally, she co-hosted the Atlanta Falcons halftime show at WSB-TV for a month. She held the position of Co-Director of Event Planning at the neighborhood nonprofit Linus Foundation for more than a year.

She served on the Foundation’s board of directors. She organized significant events for young professionals throughout this endeavor, and many other Atlantan organizations, notably the Children’s Shelter, profited from them.

Before being promoted, she held a number of different positions, including remote coordinator at Cox Radio, lottery host at WSB-TV, and multimedia program host at QVC.

She mostly hosted programs on fashion and beauty, created social media content, and engaged with viewers. She not only hosted but also represented QVC at numerous multimedia shows.

She was frequently referred to as the new QVC diva queen. Ten years into her employment at QVC, Courtney made the decision to leave. She expressed her gratitude to her viewers and fans for standing with her throughout her ten-year journey.

Online, there have been reports that Courtney Cason is expecting a child. So, Courtney Cason is she actually expecting? Or are these rumors simply untrue? Let’s read the article straight away to get the truth regarding her pregnant status.

Is Courtney Cason Pregnant?

is courtney cason pregnant

It is not confirmed whether Courtney Cason is pregnant or not. Speculation might have arisen due to a Facebook profile picture she posted during her first pregnancy.

However, it’s important to note that the picture is from her initial pregnancy and is not indicative of her current situation.


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In December 2022, Courtney shared a deeply personal message with her followers, revealing her struggle with infertility and her eventual success in achieving a positive pregnancy result after three unsuccessful attempts through IUI.

Since that heartfelt post, almost eight months have passed, and it’s possible that we might receive an update from her soon regarding her pregnancy status.

Until then, any claims or assumptions about her current pregnancy status would be speculative and unsubstantiated. Well wishes to her from our side!!

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Who Is Courtney Cason Married To?

is courtney cason pregnant

Courtney Cason is happily married to her husband Aaron Graves. Although the date of their marriage is not made public by any of them.

When Aaron Graves (nicknamed AG) showed up as a volunteer to help with the party at a Christmas gala, that is when she first got to know him.

Before becoming married to Aaron Graves, they dated for about three and a half years according to the various online reports.

Aaron has recently been employed by Bank of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as an SVP, Senior Relationship Manager.

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Courtney Cason Is Blessed with Son

is courtney cason pregnant

Courtney Cason and her husband Aaron Graves welcomed their first beautiful child Cason into the world on June 26th, 2020. Nobody knows the exact name of her son as she refers to him as Cason in her every post.

The couple shared a heartfelt message with their followers announcing the birth of their son on June 28, 2020, in a heartfelt Instagram post with a caption:

“{ on June 26th, somewhere over the rainbow 🌈 and in between a most incredible sunrise 🌅 our sweet lovebug was born. Meet Cason, the new love of our life ❤️. 👰🏻🤵👶💕 }#partyof3”

Courtney shared her first pregnancy news with her followers on Instagram on February 9, 2020, with a caption: “{Baby Graves arriving July 2020 | thank you for all of your prayers and love! 🤴🏻👸🏻❤️👶 }”