Is Craig Revel Horwood Gay? “Strictly” Star Opens up About Past Homophobia!!

Is Craig Revel Horwood Gay? Craig Revel Horwood started dancing in Ballarat, Australia, where he was born to an alcoholic naval officer and a housewife. Later, he moved to Melbourne and appeared in many different shows.

Afterward, Revel Horwood came to Europe and performed in various productions like the original concert version of Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, Miss Saigon, and more. He also did choreography and directing work and became known for being a judge on Strictly Come Dancing.

In 2000, he was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Theatre Choreographer for Spend, Spend, Spend. Then in 2003, he received another nomination for the same award for his work on My One and Only. Now, let’s explore more about Craig’s personal life and his sexuality.

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Is Craig Revel Horwood Gay? Prominent Strictly Star Opens Up About His Sexuality!!

is craig revel horwood gay

Craig Revel Horwood has been has been openly gay since 1992. He is a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, shared that he used to be very prejudiced against LGBTQ+ people and kept his own sexuality a secret for a long time.

Craig Revel Horwood explained that when he was a teenager, he faced bullying and hurtful names from his classmates, like “pansy” and other offensive words related to being gay. This made him feel like he had to hide his true self and not reveal that he was gay for many years. Craig confessed:

“I was completely homophobic. But when I went to the theatre when I did my first dance class, the people there were lovely, and people started praising me.”

“They were older and accepting, and I loved it… I liked those people, and I knew I didn’t like people at school. I was traumatized at school, but dance released that.”

Revel Horwood, who experienced mistreatment from his alcoholic father while growing up in Australia, also shared that he felt like an outsider during his school years.

“When I was at school, I had very limited friends; I just did not fit in at all… That’s why I went to the dance classes; people were telling me I was good at it, and it was the first thing I’d ever been good at.”

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More About the Struggles of Being Gay and Craig’s First Wife!!

is craig revel horwood gay

The BBC dance show star explained that even though he eventually found a place in the world of dance, the mistreatment and not feeling accepted during his youth made it hard for him to be open about his sexuality when he was younger. 

Because of this, he thought he was both attracted to men and women (bisexual) and got married to Jane Horwood from 1990 to 1992. Unfortunately, their marriage ended because Jane cheated on him.

“If that relationship had worked out, I could have seen a life where I would have [still] been married to a woman and had kids, without a shadow of a doubt… It’s who you meet along the way and what changes it; it’s quite extraordinary.”

The TV personality also talked about how tough it was to be openly gay in the 1980s, especially because of the HIV AIDS epidemic that was happening at that time.