Is Crispin Blunt Gay? Unveiling the Sexuality Tory’s MP!

Is Crispin Blunt gay? Crispin Blunt, a prominent British politician with a long and distinguished career, has recently found himself in the spotlight due to his arrest on suspicion of rape and drug possession in October 2023.

With his significant political background, having served as the Member of Parliament for Reigate since 1997, his journey in the Conservative Party, and his stints in various key roles, Blunt’s personal life, particularly his sexuality, has become a topic of interest.

Many are now questioning whether he might be gay. In this article, we delve into the details and explore the truth about his sexual orientation amid the latest developments in his life.

Is Crispin Blunt Gay?

is crispin blunt gay

Yes, Crispin Blunt is openly gay. He publicly came out as gay in 2010, making him one of the few openly gay members of the British Parliament at the time.

He came out as gay and decided to separate from his wife of nearly two decades, Victoria, with whom he had raised two teenage children.

Blunt’s courageous step was a part of his journey to, in his own words, “come to terms with his homosexuality.” During this period, he had the support of David Cameron’s government.

However, his decision to announce relaxed rules around prison parties put his ministerial job in jeopardy, leading No. 10 to issue a formal instruction that overruled his proposal. Consequently, he lost his position as a minister in the 2012 reshuffle.

Since that time, Crispin Blunt has become a vocal backbench advocate for gay rights. He took on the role of chairing the all-party parliamentary group on global LGBTQ+ affairs, championing the cause of LGBTQ+ rights on a broader scale.

In 2016, he made headlines by revealing to the Commons that he had used poppers, further breaking down barriers and contributing to the ongoing discourse on issues of sexuality and personal choice.

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Crispin Blunt Partner: Is He in A Relationship?

is crispin blunt gay

Crispin Blunt’s dating life has been shrouded in privacy, and it remains unknown whether he is currently in a relationship.

The 63-year-old Tory MP has been quite discreet about his personal affairs, preferring to keep them out of the public eye.

However, before publicly coming out as gay, he was married to his wife, Victoria Jenkins. Their marriage took place in September 1990 in Kensington, and together, they have a daughter and a son.

Interestingly, you might be surprised to know that Crispin Blunt is related to the famous actress Emily Blunt, who is his niece.

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In August 2010, he made the announcement that he was parting ways with his wife, and while they remain separated, they have not pursued a divorce.