Is Daisy Pearce Pregnant? Speculations and Rumors Surrounding Daisy Pearce’s Pregnancy Status!!

Is Daisy Pearce Pregnant? Daisy Pearce is a famous Australian football player, and she used to play for the Melbourne Football Club in the AFL Women’s (AFLW) league. Many people have considered her to be one of the most important figures in women’s Australian rules football, and she was seen as one of its first superstars until 2021. 

She has also been the captain of the Melbourne team since the very first season of the AFLW. Before that, she was the leader of the club during the women’s exhibition games.

Now, with all this fame and attention, Daisy’s fans are eager to learn everything about her, from her personal life to her marital status. So, let’s dive into the details and get to know this remarkable athlete better.

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Exploring the Buzz: Is Daisy Pearce Pregnant?

is daisy pearce pregnant

No, Daisy Pearce is not pregnant. Pearce became a mother to twins, Sylvie and Roy, in February. Some people might think she’s a supermom, but she disagrees. She didn’t do it all by herself; her husband Ben O’Neill, her mother Dea, her mother-in-law Lizzie, and her friends helped her a lot.

There are some rumors going around that she might be having another baby soon. But as fans, it’s important not to spread false stories about someone’s private life. 

We should wait for any important news or announcements to come directly from her. It’s respectful and kind to give people their privacy and let them share their personal news when they’re ready.

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Daisy Pearce’s Remarkable Career in Australian Football: A Closer Look at Her Achievements and Impact on The Game!!

is daisy pearce pregnant

Daisy Pearce is a talented Australian football player. She started playing in the Victorian Women’s Football League (VWFL) with the Darebin Falcons in 2005. She even became their captain from 2008 to 2016 and played almost 200 games before her last one in 2017.

She’s really good at football and has won lots of awards, like five Darebin best and fairest awards and seven league best and fairest awards in the VWFL and VFL Women’s tournaments. She’s also been in 10 championship-winning teams, seven of them as the captain.

In 2013, Melbourne picked her as the first overall choice in the first national women’s draft. She’s represented Victoria in both under-19 and senior levels. Before the 2017 season of AFL Women’s, she joined Melbourne’s team, which was a big deal.

Daisy Pearce is a three-time AFL Women’s All-Australian, and she was the captain of the team in 2017 and vice-captain in 2018. In season seven, she led Melbourne to its first AFL Women’s championship.

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She’s also won awards like the Melbourne Best and Fairest three times and the AFLPA AFLW Best Captain four times. In 2023, she started coaching with the AFL team Geelong as a development coach.

Outside of playing, she’s become famous in the media, working on the radio and TV. She was on the Seven Network program AFL Game Day from 2016 to 2020, and she had her own podcast on SEN called This Is Grit in 2019.

She’s also a commentator for the Seven Network and 1116 SEN’s coverage of the Australian Football League. They even renamed an award after her, calling it the Lambert-Pearce Medal in 2018, to honor her achievements in the VFL Women’s League.