Is Daisy Pearce Still Married? Unlocking the Relationship Status of An Afl Star!!

Is Daisy Pearce Still Married? When Pearce was a young supporter of the team, one of her favorite players was Brett Ratten, a former captain and premiership player for Carlton.

She took part in the Vickick program, which later changed its name to Auskick, and played junior football alongside boys when she was young.

Since her father was a coach at the Bright Football Club, she was able to begin training with the under-13 boys team at the age of eight. She teamed up with future Collingwood Premiership defender Ben Reid and her brother Harry while playing.

When Pearce was a teenager, she needed permission from the local league to continue playing with men, but she was turned down, which influenced her decision to move to Eltham.

While in high school, she played volleyball, tennis, and netball, making the national young squad for the latter before switching back to football later.

Daisy’s followers now want to know everything about her, from her personal life to her marital status, as a result of all this celebrity. So let’s get right to it. 

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Is Daisy Pearce Still Married? Has Life Taken a Different Turn in The Love Department?

is daisy pearce still married

Daisy Pearce isn’t married at the moment. Instead, she shares a loving and committed relationship with her boyfriend, Ben O’Neill. Their love story has stood the test of time, and they’ve been together for quite a while now. 

What makes their journey even more heartwarming is the addition of two precious children to their lives. These little ones have brought immeasurable joy and happiness to their family, creating beautiful moments and memories as they all grow together.

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Daisy Pearce and Her Loved Ones: Exploring the Family Life of The Afl Star!!

is daisy pearce still married

Many people are curious about Daisy Pearce’s family. She was born on May 27, 1988, in Bright, Victoria, to her parents Daryl and Dee. She has two brothers, Will and Harry. Later on, her mother had two more children, Ruby and Ali, while her father had another child named Aaron.

When Daisy’s parents got divorced in 1995, her mother and brothers moved to a place called Eltham in Melbourne. But Daisy chose to stay with her dad in Wandiligong, which is close to Bright. She went to school at Bright P-12 College during that time.

When she became a teenager, Daisy decided to go back and live with her mother and the rest of her family. She started going to Eltham High School then.