Is Dana Bash Pregnant? Staying Informed on the CNN Anchor’s Life Off the Screen!

Is Dana Bash pregnant? Dana Bash, the renowned CNN chief political correspondent, is a familiar face to many, known for her insightful political coverage on shows like Inside Politics and State of the Union.

With a base in the heart of Washington, D.C., she delves into campaigns, and Congress, and takes the stage as a trusted moderator for CNN’s political town hall specials.

Her remarkable career also includes hosting pivotal moments like the 2020 election debates and election night coverage that culminated in projecting Joe Biden’s victory.

However, it’s not just her professional life that piques her interest; lately, a question has been circulating – is Dana Bash pregnant?

In this article, we’ll uncover the truth about her pregnancy status and address the curiosity surrounding this accomplished journalist’s personal life.

Is Dana Bash Pregnant?

is dana bash pregnant

No, Dana Bash is not pregnant. As of now, there is no substantial evidence to support the rumors that Dana Bash is pregnant.

Our thorough examination of her recent TV appearances and her Instagram account yielded no discernible hints of a baby bump or any other indicators of pregnancy.

Furthermore, Dana Bash herself has not made any public announcements regarding her pregnancy.

It’s important to remember that rumors like these should be taken with a grain of caution, as they can often lack a solid factual basis.

Until there’s an official confirmation from Dana Bash or a reliable source, we can’t conclude that she is expecting.

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Is Dana Bash Married?

is dana bash pregnant

While Dana Bash might not be married at the moment, she’s got someone special in her life. Dana has been in a relationship with Spencer Garrett for the past decade.

Spencer is a seasoned actor known for his work in various projects, including the 2022 Netflix film “Blonde,” the TV series “For All Mankind” from 2019 to 2021, and 2020’s “Dirty John,” among others.

It’s worth noting that the couple values their privacy and rarely shares much about their relationship on social media.

According to The Washington Post, Dana and Spencer first crossed paths in 2013 and initially maintained a friendship before taking things to the next level.

In 2013, Quinn and Garrett, who were taking a break from filming “House of Cards” in Baltimore, were out shopping for a suit that Garrett could wear to a Preakness event with his co-star Kevin Spacey.

During their shopping excursion, the 60-year-old actor asked Quinn if she knew any intelligent, single women. Her response, as per our source, was, “Yes, the smartest single woman alive: Dana Bash.”

Shortly thereafter, Bash, who was 44 at the time, received a text message from Quinn: “Google Spencer Garrett and come over tonight.” From that moment on, the couple’s relationship has continued to thrive.

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Inside Dana Bash’s Past Marriages and Family: A Closer Look!

is dana bash pregnant

Dana has had two marriages in the past, and she’s also a mom. Her first marriage was to Jeremy Bash back in 1998. Jeremy had a significant role as a lawyer and worked under the Chief of Staff of the United States Secretary of Defense from 2011 to 2013.

Despite being together for almost a decade, Dana and Jeremy didn’t have any children together, and they eventually parted ways in 2007.

Dana’s second husband was John King, a name that might ring a bell because the 60-year-old is also a well-known figure at CNN. He’s not only a top journalist but also holds the position of CNN’s chief national correspondent.

Given their shared professional backgrounds, one might assume that their personal lives would align seamlessly. However, their marriage only lasted four years, as they separated in 2012.

Despite their divorce, Dana and John seem to maintain a friendly relationship and co-parent their child, a son named Jonah Frank King, who was born in 2011.