Is Darren Palmer Gay? “I used to sit in bed and pray!”

Is Darren Palmer Gay? Darren Palmer is a great influencer, creator, and ‘ambassador for high-quality products and brands’. He is one of Australia’s most renowned and influential interior designers who came into prominence through the 6 times Logie-winning TV show ‘The Block’.

Fame comes at the cost of their personal life and this is exactly why people have recently been curious about his personal matters There have been several rumors surrounding like private life, including the most prominent ones, about his sexuality.

Keep reading to know if Darren Palmer is gay. There have been various rumors in this regard. Also, uncover his love life and secrets!

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Is Darren Palmer Gay?

is darren palmer gay

Yes, Darren Palmer is gay. Palmer has revealed that he always had a conflict about his sexuality. It was a conflict with himself. He revealed to GQ magazine in an interview how he struggled to accept himself and to come out of the closet.

“I used to sit in bed and pray that no one would be gay because that was easier for me than accepting that I was. I just didn’t want [being gay] to exist because then it wouldn’t apply to me and then I wasn’t one of ‘those’ people.”

He also revealed how his father had supported him and accepted him for being himself. His father assured him that his gay son was still his son.

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Darren Palmer Partner

Darren Palmer is married to Oliver Duvillard. Duvillard is a cosmetic expert and met Palmer through their common social circles. The two eventually started dating after dating for six weeks the two decided to get engaged. The couple have a son together and happily married.

According to Celebseek, Duvillard had to propose Palmer thrice before the later said yes for taking the next step in their relationship and getting married.