Is David Tennant Gay? Surprising Revelation About The Star’s Sexuality

Is David Tennant Gay? David Tennant is a famous celebrity better known for his portrayal of the famous Time Lord between 2005 and 2010. The star has been part of controversies and rumors have always surrounded him, like other celebrities.

This time, the rumor is about his sexuality, which is not surprising, given that the actor has been questioned about his sexual orientation quite a few times in interviews and the like.

Bet you are curious as well! Keep reading the article to find answers to your unanswered questions and uncover the reality behind the rumors suggesting that David Tennant is gay.

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Is David Tennant Gay?

is david tennant gay

No, David Tennant is not gay. The star is a queer ally though. This is probably the reason that people often mistake him to be gay. The Pink News also revealed that David’s friends of friends used to think that he might be gay. On the question of whether being mistaken to be gay bothered him, he replied- “Why would it?”

Tennant has been a spectacular ally. He has gay friends and even teamed up with the charity Diversity Role Models to tackle homophobic bullying. He was recently spotted wearing a rainbow-shaped badge featuring the colors of the non-binary Pride flag. This sparked rumors as to whether David Tennant is gay, or maybe non-binary. However, in reality, the act was to support his child who is non-binary.

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Is David Tennant Married?

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Yes, David Tennant is married. The star tied the knot with Georgia. the couple are completely in love and shared their love story with Hello!. There, Georgia revealed how she pursued David Tennant.

“You couldn’t quite believe that’s why I was messaging you 400 times a day. You thought maybe I was lonely and wanted a chat… I very much fell into the stalker category. Thank goodness I did though. I just made a decision, I thought, ‘This is going to be good, let’s do this, I’ll just persevere until he gives in.'”