Is Declan Rice Gay? He Was Rumored to Be Dating Mason Mount!

Is Declan Rice gay? English football player Declan Rice is a defensive midfielder for both the England national team and Premier League team Arsenal.

In recent times, the spotlight on Declan Rice, the talented footballer, has extended beyond his on-field achievements.

While he has certainly made headlines for his remarkable goal for Arsenal against Manchester United in stoppage time, there has been increasing curiosity and speculation surrounding his personal life.

In this discussion, we aim to shed light on the question that has captured the attention of many: Is Declan Rice gay? Keep reading the article to find out the truth about footballer’s sexual orientation.

Is Declan Rice Gay?

is declan rice gay

No, Declan Rice is not gay. Back in 2020, there were rumors circulating that someone had written a letter to The Sun, claiming that Declan Rice was gay.

However, Declan himself didn’t even dignify those rumors with a response, and the identity of the person behind the letter remained shrouded in secrecy.

Fast forward to more recent times, and the topic resurfaced when his girlfriend playfully mentioned that Rice seemed to be more in love with his best friend, Mason Mount.

It’s important to note that this comment was made in good humor and shouldn’t be taken as any sort of confirmation about Declan Rice’s sexual orientation.

But, let’s remember that one’s sexual orientation isn’t determined by rumors or jokes. Declan has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend for quite some time now, which should be enough to dispel any unfounded speculation

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Who Is Declan Rice Dating?

is declan rice gay

Declan Rice has been dating Lauren Fryer for more than 7 years now. Declan, 24, has the backing of Lauren Fryer, his long-term girlfriend, who has a sizable fan base of her own, off the field.

With an impressive 37.4K Instagram followers, Lauren, a Chessington native, is followed by celebrities like Luke Shaw’s girlfriend Anouska Santos, and Harry Kane’s wife Kate.

The couple’s seven-year relationship was made public after Lauren shared a cute photo of them together in October 2021, on their sixth anniversary. They met at school and became childhood sweethearts.

Declan and Lauren are parents to a son named Jude, but they haven’t disclosed their pregnancy to the public since they prefer to keep their personal lives secret. Nonetheless, Lauren has posted a few adorable photos of the couple to her Instagram page.

Declan didn’t disclose the birth of his son, but on August 21, 2018, before a West Ham game, he unveiled a new tattoo that included the name of his infant and the date of his birth, 07.08.2022.

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Jude is their sole kid, as far as the public is aware, however, Declan has frequently brought his nephew, who was previously thought to be his son, onto the West Ham field. Additionally, the family has been spotted together with a cute puppy.