Is Demarcus Ware Gay? Unveiling the Sexuality of NFL Legend!

Is Demarcus Ware gay? DeMarcus Ware is an American retired professional football player who played outside linebacker in the National Football League (NFL).

In the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys selected him as the 11th overall choice after watching him play college football at Troy University.

Ware left the Cowboys in 2013 as the team’s all-time leader in quarterback sacks with 117 after nine seasons with the team. After that, Ware spent three seasons with the Denver Broncos, with whom he defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

At the conclusion of his final season with the Broncos in 2016, he announced his retirement from the NFL. He retired as a Cowboy in 2017 after signing a one-day deal with Dallas.

In 2018, Ware worked for the Broncos as a pass-rush consultant. In 2023, Ware was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

After singing the national anthem in honor of his late colleague Demaryius Thomas before the annual Hall of Fame Game, DeMarcus Ware’s personal life once again came under the spotlight.

As a result of this incident, there is currently a debate about his sexual orientation all over the internet, with many believing he is gay.

So, is DeMarcus Ware really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the former professional football player’s sexual orientation.

Is Demarcus Ware Gay?

is demarcus ware gay

No, DeMarcus Ware is not gay. DeMarcus Ware’s sexual orientation has been a topic of speculation, but it’s important to separate fact from rumor. The rumors about his sexuality initially gained traction after his divorce from his first wife.

Additionally, the gossip mill went into overdrive when he received a playful lap dance from shirtless cowboys during a ‘DWTS’ show, an act that seemed to be taken in good fun.

However, it’s crucial to remember that such occurrences don’t necessarily define one’s sexual orientation. While some may still question his sexuality, conducting a bit of research sheds light on the matter.

Ware has a history of dating women, which should serve as evidence that his orientation is not in line with the rumors and is straight.

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Who Is Demarcus Ware Married To?

is demarcus ware gay

DeMarcus Ware is happily married to Angela Marie Daniel. DeMarcus Ware and Angela Marie Daniel became engaged in December 2020.

She serves as a coach and fitness trainer for Ware’s fitness app. They got married in April 2021, and Angela shared a touching Instagram post about it with the caption,


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A post shared by Angela Ware (@angelamarieware)

“✨Pure Magic✨

Wow, y’all! We did it! And let me say, I am thankful every day to get to spend my life with this incredible man. The one thing we can count on for sure, in a world that is always changing, is each other. ❤️

I’m the most blessed human on this planet, and truly can not be more grateful, right here, right now.”

The couple announced on Instagram that they are pregnant in July 2021 and the post said that they are going to welcome a baby boy in December of the same year.


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A post shared by DeMarcus Ware (@demarcusware)

The couple’s son was born on October 30 2021 as per her Instagram post which she captioned:

“It has just begun, and it’s already been a wild ride! World, meet Michael John Ware (MJ)!!!!

MJ came at 34 weeks on October 30th, guess he couldn’t wait any longer to meet everyone! After 5 days in NICU, he was ready to come home… already the overachiever ❤️.

My pregnancy was not an easy one, but I am eternally grateful for every moment. My Angel is here. 😇😇😇

Now let’s begin the debate… who does he look like? Me or Demarcus?!?!”

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Demarcus Ware’s First Marriage

is demarcus ware gay

DeMarcus Ware was married to Taniqua Smith in March 2015. She is a former Air Force member and the daughter of a police officer.

They had been friends since high school. They adopted their daughter Marley following three challenging pregnancies, which included the birth and death of a son, Omar, in 2006.

After almost 3 challenging pregnancies the couple was successful in welcoming daughter DeMarcus Ware II in 2010. After 2 years of daughter being born Ware and Smith got divorced.