Is Denise Lewis Pregnant? Debunking Recent Pregnancy Rumors of Olympics Gold Medalist

Is Denise Lewis Pregnant? Denise Lewis is a British sports presenter and a former track and field athlete. She was really good at a special kind of sport called heptathlon, which has seven different events.

In the year 2000, she got a gold medal for doing the best in the heptathlon at the Olympics that happened in Sydney, Australia. She also did great at the Commonwealth Games two times and won both times. In 1998, she was the champion of Europe, and in 1997 and 1999, she won silver medals at the World Championships.

After she stopped doing sports, she started working on TV and in the media. She’s often on BBC Television, where she talks about athletics. She did this during the Olympics in 2012, 2016, and 2020.

Right now, there are rumors going around that she might be pregnant for the fifth time. But are all the pregnancy rumors of Denise Lewis true or are they just baseless?

Keep reading the article to find out everything you need to know about Denise Lewis’ pregnancy and her personal life.

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Is Denise Lewis Pregnant?

Is Denise Lewis Pregnant

No, Denise Lewis is not pregnant. The rumors about Denise Lewis being pregnant are not true. We made sure to check many sources on the internet and looked carefully at her social media accounts and we found that as of August 2023, Denise Lewis is not pregnant.

In fact, the last time she was pregnant was when she had her son Troy in December 2018. At that time, she was 46 years old. She shared a really nice picture of herself and her baby bump on social media before Troy was born.

The picture was in black and white, and in it, she was holding her stomach and looked really happy and calm. She wrote some words with the picture saying she was excited and a little worried about the baby coming. Later, she talked more in the comments and said she was getting ready for nights with not much sleep.

She wrote: “When your baby gives you a good old kick during a photo shoot with the king of black and white photography @GregWInsight. The moment captured… 📸 the pregnancy journey nearly coming to an end. . #photostocherish #excited #nervous #number4.”

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Is Denise Lewis Married?

Is Denise Lewis Pregnant
Denise Lewis and Steve Finan O’Connor.

Yes, Denise Lewis is married to Steve Finan O’Connor. Before marrying Steve, Denise was in a relationship with a sprinter named Patrick Stevens from the late 1990s until 2005. During that time, Denise had her daughter.

In 2006, Denise got married to Steve Finan O’Connor. Steve used to manage the UK pop group All Saints, and he currently manages Liam Payne. He is also the son of a comedian named Tom O’Connor. Denise and Steve have three sons, as we mentioned earlier.