Is DK Metcalf Gay? The Rising Star of NFL Confirmed To Be Gay?

Is DK Metcalf Gay? DK Metcalf is a rising star in the Football world. He is currently a part of the National Football League (NFL). The celebrity is known for his impressive physique and his even more impressive ability to dominate the field.

One question that has always been on the lips of his fans and followers is – Is DK Metcalf gay?  Well, it is not uncommon for football players and other athletes to be questioned on their sexuality, and guess DK Metcalf was no exception.

Keep reading the article to uncover the secret behind the sexuality of the football star, DK Metcalf. Find the answer to the most searched question about the personal life of DK Metcalf- Is DK Metcalf Gay?

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Is DK Metcalf Gay?

is dk metcalf gay

No, DK Metcalf is not gay. It is common for football stars and athletes to be targets of such rumors surrounding their sexual orientation and love life. It is yet another rumor about another rising star in the world of football.

Fans and media have always shown an interest in the personal life of DK Metcalf. The star has never addressed the rumors of being in a romantic relationship with another player. Additionally, there is no proof that the star is homosexual.

All we can say for now is, that the rumors are baseless and false. DK Metcalf is not gay and has not hinted at his sexuality publicly till now. According to TV Guide Time, the star has been in relationships with well-known women in the past.

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Who Is DK Metcalf Dating?

is dk metcalf gay

DK Metcalf has always been secretive about his personal life and has always kept his private life under the covers. However, there have been rumors about the star being dramatically entangled with the pop star Normani.

According to Seventeen, ‘She seemingly hard launched their relationship on IG’. The two were spotted on a romantic dinner date in June 2023. Further, Normani posted a picture with DK Metcalf on her Instagram after attending Tyler Lockett’s together in July.