Is Doja Cat Pregnant? Baby On The Way?

Is Doja Cat Pregnant? New day new rumor regarding one of the top rising stars. Recently, Doja Cat has been announced as the headlining artist for ‘The Victoria’s Secret World Tour‘. But with this came another shock; fans have been speculating that the star is expecting a baby.

This isn’t the first time rumors regarding Doja Cat’s pregnancy have appeared in the search engine. The star had previously been in the news in April 2022. Is it for real this time? Let’s dive into the investigation and uncover the truth behind the rumored pregnancy of Doja Cat.

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Is Doja Cat Pregnant?

No, Doja’s cat is not pregnant. The rumors regarding her pregnancy appeared on the internet soon after the Grammy-award winner was chosen as the headlining artist by Victoria for its upcoming World Tour.

Is Doja Cat Pregnant?

The stage for the rumors was, however, set up by the rapper herself. Previously, in April 2022, the star pranked her fans and announced her pregnancy on April Fool’s Day. The celebrity got a lot of backlash for the same and fans criticized her for using pregnancy as a joke.

However, some fans even defended her. Among these mixed reactions, the tweets garnered attention, with Doja Cat claiming to have telekinesis and attributing some of her tweets to Nicholas Cage hacking her account. Later, the star confirmed that it was all a joke and that her account was not hacked.

The whole Twitter drama did one thing for sure, it made people intrigued to know more about Doja Cat’s personal life and here we are with another false rumor of the celebrity being pregnant.

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Is Doja Cat Married?

Doja Cat is not married and appears to be single. The rapper announced a split from musician Johnny Utah in an Instagram Live session in February 2020. The details of the same are still unknown to the public.

Is Doja Cat Pregnant?

Doja Cat has not dated anyone publicly since her relationship with Johnny Utah, however, the media has linked her with several big names. There have been rumors of the celebrity being romantically involved with rapper YG and producer Dr. Luke in the past.

In her Live session in February 2022, fans could hear a faint ‘babe’ in a male’s voice and have been speculating since that the star is dating someone in secret. However, Doja Cat has not confirmed or denied the speculations.