Is Dream Gay? Is YouTuber in a Relationship with George Not Found?

Is Dream gay? American YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster Dream, whose real name is Clayton Ray Huff, is well recognized for his work producing Minecraft-related videos.

Due to his anonymity, the YouTuber’s sexual orientation has been the subject of online rumors ever since he began posting content.

After his recent ‘face reveal’ controversy, there has been renewed discussion about his sexuality. But when his sexuality was questioned the last time, he did specify his sexual preferences.

So is Dream really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s not waste time and dive into the article to discover the truth about popular YouTuber’s sexuality.

Is Dream Gay?

is dream gay

No, Dream is not gay nor in a relationship with his George. Although the YouTuber first concealed his sexuality, he eventually came out in the open. In the meanwhile, for a variety of reasons, the word that he was gay started to spread.

The allegations were brought on by the fact that a larger portion of his followers are LGBTQI+ people. According to reports, Dream donated money to the LGTBQI+ youth charity and the Trevor Project in June 2021.

Because of this, he was seen as an even more important community member and figure. Dream came up with his sexual preferences as a result of several rumors that he is a part of the LGTBQI+ community.

Dream came out as straight on April 21, 2022, on Twitter. He continued by saying that some males are OK and that he believes women are lovely. Different reactions were prompted by Dream’s tweet.

is dream gay

Some praised him for having the guts to publicly reveal his sexual orientation. Because he did not specify the specific sexuality that he identifies with, some people continued to identify him as unlabeled.

Further, some members of the LGBTQI+ community labeled him as bisexual. Some individuals in the LGTBQI+ community have also accused Dream of being homophobic.

In response to this assertion, the YouTuber said his community welcomes people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Some people at the time that the discussion was taking place thought that the tweets were responses to the assertions regarding whether he was a strong supporter or a member of the LGTBQI+ group.

Many have also asserted that Dream and fellow streamer George were closer than just friends as a result of their friendship.

is dream gay

Dream clarified that he and George were not homosexual and that they were not involved in a gay relationship on March 9, 2021, via his Twitter account.

The YouTuber was quite clear that his intention was just to dispel the widespread misunderstanding. While he hasn’t revealed his actual sexuality, all that can be inferred from his responses to the allegations is that Dream is not gay.

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Who Is Dream Dating?

is dream gay

Dream has not yet disclosed if he is single or in a relationship. The YouTuber may be dating, but he or she has opted to keep it a secret. With time, he will reveal his romantic relationships, if any, though.

Dream was dating a woman by the name of Sam. Though the exact moment they met and began dating is unknown, it is known that they were already a couple before Dream began producing material.

The YouTuber claims that they connected through common friends and fellow YouTuber Zak “Skeppy” Ahmad.

After dating for almost three years, they split up without giving any explanation at the time. But after some time, Dream revealed the cause of their breakup, claiming that Sam had cheated on him repeatedly.

Additionally, he said she made out with numerous YouTube celebrities, including Josh “Fruitberries.” The YouTuber also mentioned that his ex-girlfriend suffers from bipolar disorder.

Sam accused Dream of rape and emotional and physical harassment while she was on her way. She said that her former partner starved her.

The general public, particularly Dream’s supporters, did not like the messy separation. They continued to focus on Sam’s alleged adultery and castigated him.

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Dream felt compelled to publicly defend Sam and declare that she was not the target of any animosity. Later, Sam made an appearance on SoarinSky’s video to claim that she was still friends with Dream and that the two of them had just crossed paths.