Is Dricus Du Plessis Gay? Recent Instagram Post Sparks Speculations!

Is Dricus Du Plessis gay? Dricus du Plessis, a well-known South African professional mixed martial artist, has garnered significant attention in the world of combat sports.

With an impressive track record that includes championships in both the Middleweight and Welterweight divisions of the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC), as well as a stint in the Polish-based promotion Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW), du Plessis has undoubtedly left his mark on the MMA scene.

Currently ranked at #2 in the UFC middleweight rankings as of September 12, 2023, his achievements inside the octagon are unquestionable.

However, beyond his fighting career, there have been rumors circulating on the internet regarding his sexual orientation.

In this article, we aim to shed light on the truth behind these speculations and provide a clear understanding of Dricus du Plessis’ personal life.

Is Dricus Du Plessis Gay?

is dricus du plessis gay

No, Dricus du Plessis is not gay. Rumors about Dricus du Plessis’ sexual orientation have been circulating on the internet, but it’s important to separate fact from speculation.

These speculations began after a video went viral, showing an affectionate moment between du Plessis and his coach during a UFC bout.

The coach gave him a quick pat on the chest and a kiss on the lips as du Plessis stood up from his stool, similar to an interaction between another fighter, Cameron Saaiman, and his coach.

These gestures ignited rumors about their relationships and led to some labeling du Plessis as gay. Even UFC middleweight Sean Strickland weighed in on the situation by mentioning the fan’s post, sparking a broader discussion.

However, recent rumors about the 29-year-old’s sexuality resurfaced after a couple of photos he posted on his Instagram account. In one photo, he was seen standing in shorts with a friend, and in the next, he appeared to be proposing to his friend in front of the Eiffel Tower.

These images stirred further speculation, but it’s important to emphasize that one’s actions and personal life shouldn’t be solely interpreted as indicators of their sexual orientation.

Du Plessis has dated women in the past, which is significant evidence supporting the assertion that his sexual orientation is straight.

It’s essential to remember that individuals have the right to share their lives with whomever they choose, and their personal choices should be respected, without leading to unwarranted rumors or judgments about their sexual orientation.

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Who Is Dricus Du Plessis Currently Dating?

is dricus du plessis gay

Dricus du Plessis is single as of now. In the past, he was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Natassja Ras. Their love was evident from the moments they shared on their Facebook pages, where they often posted pictures together.

One memorable snapshot, posted by Nastassja on Valentine’s Day 2022, captured Dricus playfully licking her cheek, prompting an outpouring of comments from friends and fans celebrating their love.

However, it appears that the couple is no longer together, though there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding their breakup.

Moreover, a glance at Dricus’s Facebook also suggests a connection with another woman named Cisca. On February 14, 2018, he shared a photo of himself and Cisca holding wine glasses, accompanied by the caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day to all the wonderful ladies! 🌹”

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While he didn’t explicitly refer to Cisca as his girlfriend, their shared photos and moments indicated an intimate connection, leading to speculation that they may have been romantically involved at some point.