Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant? Leading Meteorologist Expecting For The Fourth Time?

Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant? Dylan Dreyer is a well-known television meteorologist, working with NBC News since 2012. Beauty with Brains, Dreyer, has received a plethora of awards and honors for her work. The award list goes on to include the American Meteorological Society’s Seal for Approval for Television Weathercasting.

Dylan Dreyer’s pregnancy is one topic that has occupied the minds of her fans since she first made her relationship public. We have answers to all your questions. If you want to know whether Dylan Dreyer is pregnant, scroll down and continue reading the article.

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Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant?

No, Dylan Dreyer is not pregnant. We conducted a thorough research and there are currently no evidences to proof the news claims regarding her pregnancy.

is dylan dreyer pregnant

Dylan Dreyer’s journey as a mother has been a rollercoaster ride. The mom-of-three confessed that she did not think she’ll want offspring. However, the plans changed soon. The meteorologist, who is married to Brian Fichera, welcomed their first child, Calvin, in 2017. The couple then had two more sons, Oliver, and Russell.

“We were living in New York City, traveling whenever we wanted to, doing whatever we wanted, and then suddenly it sort of came to us both. We were like ‘let’s have kids’. Both of us obviously love it.”

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Are Dylan and Brian Planning More Babies?

On her plans about another baby, Dylan confirmed that she and her husband are not planning another baby, at least for now. The couple had previously thought that they’d just have two kids, but being grown up with two siblings each, the number three held a special significance for the couple. She revealed this secret in an interview with Hello!

“After we had Oliver, I thought I’ll never do that again. But something didn’t feel complete for us. Both of us had a twinge that we still wanted a third child. Now we have him and everything feels right and complete.”

is dylan dreyer pregnant

On questions whether the couple would try for a baby girl in the near future, Dylan said that the family just felt complete for now and clarified that the couple has no plans of welcoming another bay anytime soon.

“We’re done, we’re tapped out.”