Is Elizabeth Glinka Pregnant? Fact-Checking the Viral Gossip

Is Elizabeth Glinka Pregnant? Elizabeth Glinka is a reporter and a famous political research analyst working for the BBC in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The Television personality who can better be described as ‘Beauty with Brains’ has been ruling over people’s hearts and minds for almost two decades.

It is only natural for her fans and followers, as well as BBC Radio 4 viewers, to be curious about the professional and personal life of Elizabeth Glinka. That’s precisely how we ended up with the rumor of her pregnancy.

Keep reading to uncover the truth behind the rumors, questioning if Elizabeth Glinka is pregnant. Is the presenter really pregnant, or is it just another rumor?

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Is Elizabeth Glinka Pregnant?

Is Elizabeth Glinka Pregnant
Image Credits: BBC

No, Elizabeth Glinka is not pregnant. We conducted thorough research, verified through multiple sources, and also checked her social media profiles, but there was no evidence of the reporter being pregnant. The rumors are baseless and started because of a slight change in the appearance of the reporter.

This is not the first time that her pregnancy rumors have sprung up. However, Elizabeth Glinka has not yet addressed the rumors; based on the current information available online, we can say that Elizabeth Glinka is not pregnant.

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Is Elizabeth Glinka Married?

Is Elizabeth Glinka Pregnant
Image Credits: Daily Politics

Yes, Elizabeth Glinka is married to Gleb Glebovich Glinka. In an interview with Birmingham Living Mag, she shared about her husband and her marital relationship. She also shared how she likes to spend her day and the things she loves to do.

“These days I enjoy walking the doggo and spending time with friends when allowed! There’s a lot to be said for a flat white and a walk. I like to cook. My husband and I are both foodies, so under normal circumstances, we love eating out and Birmingham has a fantastic food scene. If we’re pushing the boat out we love Carters in Moseley.”

However, not much is known about her married life and husband. Elizabeth Glinka believes in keeping her private life under the covers; hence, very little information about her personal life has been revealed.