Is Ellie Taylor Pregnant? Addressing Whether the Comedian Is Currently Expecting!!

Is Ellie Taylor Pregnant? Ellie Taylor is famous for doing well in comedy, TV, and writing. Ellie Taylor is a famous English person who tells jokes, acts on TV, and writes. She’s done really well in the entertainment world. 

She was born on November 28, 1983, in Brentwood, Essex, and now she’s 39 years old. Ellie started as a model, but when she was around 25 years old, she started telling jokes instead. She became well-known when she was on a TV show called “Show Me the Funny” in 2011. This helped more people see how funny she was. 

After that, Ellie Taylor appeared on many popular British TV shows like “8 Out of 10 Cats,” “Fake Reaction,” “Mock the Week,” “The Mash Report,” and “Plebs.” People remember her from these shows. She’s been on different funny TV shows and wrote her first book called “My Child and Other Mistakes” in 2021.

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Is Ellie Taylor Pregnant? Exploring the Veracity of The Rumors!!

No, Ellie Taylor is not pregnant. There are no announcements or baby bumps in her recent Instagram pots. She is married to Phil Black. Phil Black is a reporter from Australia who works for CNN International. 

He talks about important news stories, like the Russian-Ukraine situation and the Russian-Georgian conflict in 2008. Ellie and Phil got married in 2014 in a private way. They have a daughter named Valentina, who was born in 2018. 

They don’t talk a lot about their family in public or on social media. Ellie Taylor and Phil Black both have jobs they like – Ellie in entertainment and Phil in journalism. They also really care about their family. 

They don’t show up in public or interviews a lot, but it’s clear they have a strong and supportive relationship. In general, Ellie Taylor’s husband, Phil Black, has been there for her during her career, and they enjoy their life together with their daughter, Valentina.

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Embracing Vulnerability: Ellie Taylor Opens up About Overcoming Shame and Body Changes After Pregnancy!!

is ellie taylor pregnant

Ellie says she sometimes feels unsure about herself. In fact, after having her daughter Valentina almost four years ago, Ellie, who is 38 years old, felt really unsure about herself.

Ellie used to be a model and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. She shared that she had a hard time accepting how her body changed from carrying and breastfeeding a baby. She felt really bad about it.

Ellie said:

“My breasts are deflated… my stomach is spongey and quivering, like a panna cotta that’s been left out of the fridge for too long. My body has decided it’s best if it keeps hold of some of the four stones I put on when pregnant.”

“I would look in the mirror and not understand what I saw there. That wasn’t me. This strange skin I inhabited shamed me. Sometimes it still does.”

At first, Ellie made herself sad by looking at pictures of moms who seemed to have quickly gotten back in shape. She felt like she didn’t do well somehow.

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But on better days, she started to realize how amazing her body was. It made her baby girl, Valentina, who she loves so much. She talked more about this in a Facebook post called “An Ode to My Post-Baby Body”:

“Pre-baby my body was a show home – bright, aspirational, tastefully lit by stylish lamps for Heals. But then my baby moved in and the walls got scuffed, the carpet got stained and one of the lamps got broken during a game of indoor frisbee.”

“The ‘show home’ became a ‘home’. It’s now unlikely to feature on any Pinterest boards, but what it lacks in chic decor it makes up for in stories and heart.”

Ellie talked about how she was unkindly treated about her body when she was a model.

She was noticed by scouts while she was working as an intern at a magazine called FHM. She then got to be in advertisements for different companies like Matalan, Asda, and Pantene.

But even though she got these opportunities, she never really felt like she belonged. People told her she needed to lose weight if she wanted to do well.