Is Emma Barton Pregnant? Debunking Rumors and Speculation!

Is Emma Barton pregnant? English actress Emma Barton is well-known for her role as Honey Mitchell in EastEnders, where she has appeared intermittently since November 2005.

Barton performed on stage in plays like Grease and Spooks prior to her EastEnders debut. With professional Anton du Beke as her partner, Barton participated in the seventeenth season of Strictly Come Dancing in 2019 and made it to the Grand Final.

On the internet, there are speculations that Emma Barton is expecting. Is Emma Barton gay, then? Or are these gossips really unfounded? Now that we know the truth regarding the actress’s pregnancy status, let’s dive right in and read the article.

Is Emma Barton Pregnant?

is emma barton pregnant

No, Emma Barton is not pregnant. The rumors about Honey from EastEnders being pregnant are completely false as there is not even a single piece of evidence to prove her pregnancy.

Furthermore, we’re curious as to what sparked the rumors among her followers. The actress from EastEnders has never posted anything to bolster the rumor. She also doesn’t appear to have a pregnancy bump, which ultimately disproves the idea.

Emma Barton has a heart for kids. That being said, the 46-year-old EastEnders star does not have any kids of her own. She said in an interview that Janet and William, her fictional kids, really refer to her as “mummy.”

How maternal she is to them. The person who portrays Janet is Grace. Emma once said of her that she feels like she is her mother even though the latter has been in her arms since the latter was a newborn.

Janet, nee Grace, refers to her as “Mummy Emma.” Very adorable! During an interview with the Mirror, the actress stated:

“I am very maternal towards them. We’ve had Grace [who plays Janet] since she was a few weeks old, a baby in my arms. She’s known me all her life. I feel like her surrogate mum and she calls me ‘Mummy Emma’.

Perry [Fenwick, who plays Billy] is ‘Daddy Pel’. I get on really well with Grace and Freddie [who plays William]’s families. They trust us with them.

Neither Perry nor I have kids of our own, so it’s lovely. They came to watch the Strictly rehearsals. Grace loves singing and dancing.”

If you have been also wondering who the Honey from EastEnders dating in real life, we have got you covered! Keep reading to find out.

Emma Barton’s Partner: Who Is She Dating?

is emma barton pregnant

EastEnders star Emma Barton is dating British rock star Jason Perry. Years after divorcing from her lawyer ex-husband Nigel Stoat, Emma found romance earlier this year.

The alternative rock singer Jason Perry, a member of the 1990s band “A,” has been connected to the 46-year-old soap opera actress.

The band saw mediocre success in the late 1990s and early 2000s; in 2002, their single “Nothing” cracked the top 10, and their song “Starbucks” made it into the top 20.

Although Emma and Jason have managed to remain discreet about their romance, they have been like each other’s adorable postings on social media.

Emma had previously dated Harry Waddington, a police officer, whom she had met through his brother, Emma’s co-star in a West End version of Grease. She has also dated co-star Joel Backett from 2004 to 2006.

According to DailyMail Jason was previously married to Holly in 2000. The two tied the knot and had four children together: a daughter called Primrose Violette in 2015 and sons Zac, Joshua, and Louie in 2004 and 2010.

In addition to writing and producing songs of his own, Jason has penned successes for other singers such as McFly and Don Broco.