Is Eric Gay In Gossip Girl? Shocking Revelation By The Star!

Is Eric Gay In Gossip Girls? The iconic teen drama of all times, Gossip Girl, and its cast have made a permanent place in our hearts and there’s no denying that. One such iconic character from the drama, the wealthy and mysterious Eric van der Woodsen is someone we have all been curious about.

In particular, it is his sexuality which intrigues the fans the most. People have forever been curious about the sexual orientation of Erin van der Weedsen. Is Eric gay? or is it just gossip in the world of Gossip Girl?

Keep reading the article till the end to find the answer to the most fascinating question of the Gossip Girl Era- Is Eric van der Woodsen gay?

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Is Eric Gay In Gossip Girls?

is eric gay in gossip girl

Yes, Eric in Gossip Girl is gay. HBO Max‘s Gossip Girl is full of drama and we love it! In Season 1 of the series, we saw how Georgia Sparks told Lily and Serena van der Woodsen that Eric was gay. This forced Eric to come out to his close friends and family, creating big havoc in his life.

Eric did not come out as gay, he was outed as gay without his consent. We do understand you Eric, the feeling of revenge is not all wrong.

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Who Is Eric Dating?

is eric gay in gossip girl

Eric is dating and is probably married to Jonathan. After all the ruckus in his life followed by the revelation of his sexuality, finally, in Season 2, Eric meets a nice guy, Jonathan, with whom his relationship started rocky but soon turned into something as sweet as honey. However, as Eric turned vengeful, Jonathan dumped him and that’s when their relationship ended. But we saw it in the cameo how Jonathan called Eric his husband. HEHE!

The show which might have ended with Season 2, leaving fans heartbroken, is back on tracks on BBC One. The show has created a huge fanbase and people can’t stop re-watching the series.