Is Erika Gonzalez Pregnant? Is Baby on The Way, Here’s What We Know!

Erika Gonzalez is an anchor and reporter for NBC4 Washington. She anchors News4 midday on NBC4 and serves as a live desk. Erika also gives breaking news anchors for the station’s evening newscasts and streaming channels. During the weekdays, her reports help people to understand the real estate market. People love her for her explaining skills.

In the real estate market, it allows people to improve the look and feel of their homes. She also serves as the editorial lead for a franchise on NBC4’s sister station. Erika also clears the queries of most of the parents who are with young children in their families. She supports the needs of parents with young children, with specialists answering their questions.

Is Erika Gonzalez Pregnant?

Is Erika Gonzalez Pregnant

No, Erika Gonzalez is not pregnant, as per her recent reports! There is no official information from her or her family and friends. She has not confirmed her pregnancy to the public yet. So there shouldn’t be this scenario. Erika was married to her partner in 2011. Her husband’s name is Jason Leon. They dated for an extended period and married in 2011. The couple is blessed with a baby girl named Isabela Ivana. Isabela was born in auguest 2021.

They both have a son from her husband’s side. Aside from this, there is no pregnancy confirmation of Erika Gonzalez. Therefore, there is no such important information about her son from her husband’s side. As we all know, she is an anchor and news reported based in the united states of America. Erika anchors the weekend episodes at 6 pm and 11 pm. Erika has an estimated net worth of $5 million from her television career.

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Is Erika Gonzalez Married to Someone?

Yes, erika gonzalez is married! She is an anchor and news reporter on the NBC4 news channel. Also, she does many other reporting things based on her track. She also Spreadheads the “4 your home” segments. The Spreadheads are based on her explaining the improvements in design and unique real estate in the DMW. Erika is also called the area home for the last ten years. That means a lot for a native Texan.

She is married to her long-time relationship partner Jason Leon. They met each other and dated for an extended period. They got married in 2011. They welcomed their firstborn child named, Isabela Ivana. Together they live in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Gonzalez earned her bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech in communications and a minor in Spanish.

Erika studied and completed her communications at the University of Texas-Pan America and graduated with honours. Erika is very private and has not provided such information about her husband.

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Is She Still with Fox31

Is Erika Gonzalez Pregnant

Erika Gonzalez joined fox31 and the Channel 2 team in September 2015. She was thrilled to call Denver her new home. You can watch Erika Gonzalez on weeknights on Fox31 news at 5 pm and 10 pm. Erika is also a master’s graduate from Florida international university. She started her career with public relations firm in Miami, her hometown. Erika also broke into Tv news as an assignment editor for the CBS affiliate in Miami, WFOR.