Is Eva Pilgrim Pregnant? Unveiling the Truth About Her Family Plans with Husband!

Eva Pilgrim is a famous American news reporter who became very well-known for her work with ABC News and as one of the hosts of Good Morning America. Right now, Eva Pilgrim is leaving her job on Good Morning America. There’s a lot of talk going on about rumors that Eva Pilgrim might be expecting a baby. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information about this story so you can find out if it’s true. 

We’ll dig deep into the details surrounding these pregnancy rumors, helping you understand what’s happening in Eva Pilgrim’s life and what’s next for her career. So, if you’re curious about this exciting news, you’re in the right place to get all the facts.

Rumors and Speculation: Is Eva Pilgrim Pregnant?

Many people are curious about whether Eva is going to have a baby or not. They’re wondering this because in some recent photos she shared on her social media, her belly looks a bit bigger than before. Some folks think she might be expecting a new baby with her husband, Ed Hartigan. However, we can say, at least for now, that the rumors about Eva Pilgrim being pregnant are not true.

Eva Pilgrim herself hasn’t officially said anything about these pregnancy rumors, and neither has her husband. They already have a child together, and when Eva was pregnant with their first child, they shared the news on their social media pages with their followers.

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Exploring Eva Pilgrim’s Personal Life and Professional Journey!!

is eva pilgrim pregnant

People often talk about Eva Pilgrim’s love life. She used to date someone named Micah Casey, but now she’s happily married to Ed Hartigan. Ed is an expert in digital marketing and media services and originally comes from London, England.  Eva met Ed when she was working for ABC in London, and they spent time together, eventually getting married in November 2019. In the past, there were rumors about her dating musician Clayton Anderson.

Eva Pilgrim was born on August 30, 1980, in Seoul, South Korea, but she and her family moved to the United States when she was a child. After finishing high school, Eva went to the University of Florida, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Her career started in 2002 as a web producer at WIS-TV in Columbia, where she worked until 2004. Then she worked at WVVA for over two years. In 2006, she started working at Fox Charlotte but left after three years.

In November 2009, she joined WXIN TV but only stayed for a few months. After that, she worked for various other news organizations. Eva began working at WPVI in December 2012, and she spent a few years there. She later joined ABC News as a Correspondent in 2016, where she has been part of many news programs, including her current role as a co-host on Good Morning America.