Is Fai Khadra Straight, Gay, or Just Kendall Jenner’s Best Friend?

Fai Khadra is a name that most people who have followed the Kardashians over the past few years would recognize. His name may be unfamiliar to you, but you certainly won’t forget his rugged good looks. A musician and a model, Fai Khadra was born in Saudi Arabia and reared in Dubai; she is of Palestinian descent.

Through his mother’s ties in the music and modeling industries in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the architecture graduate was able to break into the celebrity scene. Simi and Haze Khadra, his DJ sisters, have also brought him notoriety (SIMIHAZE).

Model Fai Khadra’s sexuality has been the topic of rumors for some time, but she has thus far avoided addressing the speculation. Nonetheless, we can state categorically that Fai Khadra is not homosexual.

To Whom Do We Address the Question of Who Is Fai Khadra?


You’ve probably seen photos of Kendall Jenner’s longtime pal and fellow model Khadra on several outings with the Kardashian family. In recent months, Fai has been seen traveling to the Amalfi Coast with the model and her boyfriend, Devin Booker.

Fai, who is of Palestinian ancestry, is a Los Angeles native who was raised in Dubai. His mother runs a shop called The Art of Living, and his father makes a living as a professional art collector. His sister is equally as amazing as he is, so I guess fame runs in the family.

Simi and Haya, the model’s younger sisters, are a popular DJ pair. Khadra has his own social media following, despite his regular appearances on Kendall’s Insta. He has amassed an incredible 2.4 million followers on Instagram, where he posts pictures of his extravagant lifestyle with flawless selfies.

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Could you tell me if Fai Khadra is a gay man or a straight man?

Could you tell me if Fai Khadra is a gay man or a straight man?

Fai Khadra is not gay, and he hasn’t even admitted it to himself. It was likely his detractors who initially proposed the idea on social media. A verified man, the model has dated exclusively ladies throughout his career.

Fans of the Kardashians noted that Khadra looked to be the Jenners’ “platonic date,” and rumors began to spread on social media. The model accompanied Kendall to the wedding of Justin Bieber despite the fact that neither Kendall nor her pal was invited.

BFF Girlfriends of Kendall Jenner

To put it simply, Fai is Kendal Jenner’s best friend. He makes frequent appearances in Kendall’s Instagram postings. Kendall Jenner would never consider dating someone like him.

Fai has not discussed his current relationships with the media or divulged the names of his girlfriends. The Jenner sisters appear to be dating someone else, and it seems that Fai is only a close friend of the family.

Khadra is reportedly heterosexual and has a large circle of known friends, at least according to Stylesrant.

Relationship Status: Kendall Jenner

Relationship Status: Kendall Jenner

She captioned a snapshot of herself with Jen Atkin, hairdresser Mary Phillips, and photographer Mike Rosenthal as, “My wonderful people.”

Kendall also shared footage on her Instagram Story in which she and Khadra approach a mirror. They made their public debut as a couple in October 2018. As recently as July, they squared off at Wimbledon.

The reality star, who has been speculated to be dating NBA players Blake Griffin and Ben Simmons, has always been cagey about her personal life.

The speculations that she is gay were addressed back in March 2018. I don’t think it’s because I’m as outgoing as my sisters; they all post pictures of themselves with their boyfriends on social media. No one had ever seen me with a male, so it was a thing for a while,” she said.

I was usually the one to play it cool and sneak around when hanging out with guys. My gut tells me I’m not even somewhat bisexual or homosexual, but I may be wrong. The answer may surprise you! I have nothing against first-hand experience, but I must confess that I have never been in that situation before.

Athletes dating celebrities

She has “masculine energy,” Kendall said. However, I’m not transgender, so I’m hesitant to say it out loud. She said, “But I have a difficult energy.” That’s not how I move. The short answer is no, I’m not homosexual. There is nothing I can possibly hide. A secret like that is not something I would ever keep.