Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant? Exploring the Latest Buzz and Speculations Surrounding the Personal Life of Acclaimed Country Singer!!

Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant? Country singer Gabby Barrett faced criticism after revealing that she’s turned down career opportunities out of respect for her husband, fellow singer Cade Foehner. 

Even though both explored their musical paths after a TV show, Barrett’s career has been more successful with a hit song, ‘I Hope,’ reaching high on the charts.

Despite her success, Barrett shared that her husband has the final say in her career decisions. She mentioned on a podcast that she turned down some duet opportunities to keep her husband happy, not specifying the songs but calling them significant opportunities. 

She explained that she values her husband’s comfort and felt certain songs were not “appropriate” due to their lyrics. While some people praised her commitment to her marriage, others found it a bit extreme. In this article, let’s delve deeper into their family dynamics and learn more about their story.

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Unveiling the Mystery: Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant?

is gabby barrett pregnant

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner have some exciting news! The 23-year-old American Idol alum is pregnant with their third child, a baby girl. The couple shared the joyful announcement on Instagram, featuring a series of photos.

In the first picture, Gabby and Cade are seated on a stage surrounded by vibrant pink lights, with a mysterious black box in the foreground. 

The second photo reveals the contents of the box, which reads, “Baby #3.” The third slide captures the “I Hope” singer in bed, holding an at-home ultrasound machine to her stomach and softly whispering, “There she is.” The caption on their joint post encourages followers to “SWIPE for a surprise #livingthedream.”

This upcoming addition to their family will join son Augustine Boone, born in October 2022, and daughter Baylah May. In a touching Father’s Day tribute in June, Gabby expressed her gratitude for Cade as a father of two on Instagram saying:

“Happy Father’s Day to you my dear. @cadefoehner You are crucial to our family, & I am beyond thankful to watch you love our kids the way you do.”

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Exploring the Heartwarming Love Story of Country Sensation Gabby Barrett!!

is gabby barrett pregnant

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner, who first met while competing on American Idol, are now starting a bigger family. In August 2023, they happily shared on Instagram that they’re expecting their third child, and it’s going to be a baby girl!

Their musical journey and love story began in 2018 during American Idol’s 16th season. Even though they didn’t win the top prize, they found something even more special – love. 

The TV romance turned into a real relationship, and a year after their season ended, they happily announced their engagement.

The couple tied the knot on October 5, 2019, in a beautiful Texas ceremony surrounded by their close family and friends. Gabby Barrett expressed her joy about finding a life partner, calling marriage a “blessing” and a “profound and special thing.”

Since their wedding day, they’ve become proud parents of two adorable kids – a daughter named Baylah May and a son named Augustine Boone. Now, with the exciting news of Baby #3 on the way, their family is growing, and fans are eager to follow their heartwarming journey.