Is Gabby Windey Gay? She Revealed ‘Told You I’m a Girls Girl’!

Is Gabby Windey gay? American television personality Gabby Windey co-starred with Rachel Recchia in season 19 of The Bachelorette and made an appearance on season 26 of The Bachelor.

As already mentioned, you must have seen The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and you must be aware of the fact that Gabby has been involved in so many romantic relationships with boys but none of them worked.

There must be some reason behind all those breakups, right? Is it her sexuality? Is Gabby Windey gay? And we think Gabby made some shocking revelations behind all the breakups to The View when on 2 August 2023.

So, is Gabby Windey really gay? Who is Gabby Windey dating? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about her sexual orientation and relationship status.

Is Gabby Windey Gay?

is gabby windey gay

Yes, Gabby Windey has revealed that she is gay. The former Bachelorette star said in an interview with The View that she is gay and was secretly dating a woman.

In an interview with The View, Gabby said she decided to come out as gay and declare it since her “story has been told for [her] so many times being on TV with editing and production.”

She stated:

“Obviously, I was on dating shows dating men and a Broncos cheerleader, so it was like my whole world was male-gaze. [So] it took me a while to stop questioning and just start trusting and I’m fully trusted and I’m here.”

She continued,

“I think that’s really the big takeaway is, like, maybe it’s not so much — like obviously it’s about sexuality, but it’s also the person I met. She is so special. She makes me feel so safe, so loved.”

In addition, Gabby said that she and her girlfriend had “a love that I always wanted going on these dating shows.” So now answering the big question “Who is Gabby Windey dating?” We have got you covered in the next line!

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Who Is Gabby Windey Currently Dating?

is gabby windey gay

Gabby Windey is dating  comedian and writer Robby Hoffman. On August 2, 2023, Gabby Windey revealed during an appearance on The View that she was dating Robby Hoffman, a comedian and writer.

She stated,

“I always just want to live my truth and my story. And I have been seeing someone for a couple of months, and I’ve been keeping it a little more private because it is a bigger story and a bigger conversation, because I’m dating a girl!”

She went on,

“Knowing how people cared, I just want to be honest. I don’t want to live and not be living my full truth. I don’t want to do it to myself or my girlfriend or other people who really care about me and feel like they know me.”

Additionally, she announced the news in an Instagram post that included a slideshow of her and Robby’s images. She captioned the post, “Told you I’m a girls girl!!”

“On her Instagram Story, she shared a second image of herself kissing Robby along with the statement, “Guys some news… I am gay” as per StyleCaster.

Erich Schwer, Gabby’s ex-fiance, was questioned on The View if he knew she was dating someone else after their breakup, and Gabby responded, “He doesn’t know.” Alyssa Farrah Griffin, a co-host on The View, retorted, “He knows now!”

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Who Has Gabby Windey Dated?

is gabby windey gay

The Bachelorette Season 19 in 2022 is where Gabby Windey and real estate expert Erich Schwer first met and fell in love.

While Gabby was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars Season 23, where she finished in second place with professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy, the couple made their breakup official in November 2022.

In 2022, Clayton Echard, a medical salesman, was dating Gabby Windey. In 2022, they got to know one another while watching The Bachelor Season 26. In the 26th season finale of The Bachelor, they split up.

Dean Unglert, a contestant on seasons 4 and 6 of Bachelor in Paradise and season 13 of The Bachelorette, dated Gabby Windey while they were both students at the University of Colorado. They ultimately parted ways.

Before she appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Gabby Windey dated Blake Horstmann, a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 14 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. Blake and Gabby, according to Gabby, “hung out for a little” but never had an official romantic connection.