Is Gabriel Attal Married? Unveiling the Relationship Status of France’s Youngest and First Gay PM!

Is Gabriel Attal married? In the dynamic world of French politics, Gabriel Attal has swiftly emerged as a prominent figure, capturing both attention and curiosity.

At the young age of 34, he made history by becoming the youngest and first openly gay individual to hold the prestigious office of Prime Minister in France.

Hailing from the Renaissance (RE) party, Attal’s political journey has been marked by rapid ascension, from his election to the French National Assembly in 2017 to his recent appointment as Prime Minister in January 2024.

As a key ally of President Emmanuel Macron, he’s even been touted as a potential candidate for the 2027 French presidential election.

Yet, as the spotlight intensifies on his professional achievements, so does the curiosity about his personal life, particularly the question on many minds: Is Gabriel Attal married? Delve into this article to uncover the truth behind the enigma of his marital status.

Is Gabriel Attal Married?

is gabriel attal married

As of now, Gabriel Attal is not married, but his romantic history has seen some interesting chapters. Previously, he lived in a civil union with Stéphane Séjourné, a fellow political figure who serves as a member of the European Parliament for LREM.

Civil unions, akin to marriage, offer legal recognition, specially designed to acknowledge same-sex couples and provide them with certain rights.

Reports suggest that by 2024, the relationship between Attal and Séjourné had ended, although neither has publicly confirmed the breakup.

Séjourné, known for guarding his private life, has remained tight-lipped on the matter, declining to comment even for a Libération profile story.

In addition to his civil union, there were murmurs of a past relationship with singer Joyce Jonathan during their time at the École alsacienne.

However, Jonathan has described it as “a joke between us” and “a playtime crush,” suggesting a more lighthearted connection.

With a personal life marked by both privacy and intrigue, Gabriel Attal continues to be a fascinating figure, not just in the political arena but also in the realm of personal relationships.

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Identity, Relationships, and Controversy: The Story of Gabriel Attal!

is gabriel attal married

Gabriel Attal, upon joining the government in 2018, courageously embraced his identity, publicly coming out as gay.

Shortly thereafter, he shared the news of his civil union with Stéphane Séjourné, the current leader of Renew Europe and the likely Renaissance lead candidate for the 2024 European election.

Attal’s journey extends back to his time at Paris’ prestigious private school, l’Ecole Alsacienne, where he crossed paths with Juan Branco, Julian Assange’s former lawyer.

Branco, a controversial figure, has targeted the new prime minister in both a book and on social media.

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In a TV interview, Attal opened up about facing repeated homophobic bullying, hinting at Branco as the alleged source, describing the outspoken lawyer as “obsessed” with him.

However, Branco has firmly denied these claims, adding another layer to the complex dynamics of Attal’s personal and public life.