Is Gabriel Guevara Gay? ‘My Fault’ Star’s Off-Screen Love Life Revealed

Is Gabriel Guevara Gay? Gabriel Guevara, the ‘man straight out of books’ who made millions of people drool over his ‘bad-boy but noy for you’ personality in the prime Video original film, ‘My Fault’, is back at the headlines.

The rumors this time are surrounding his sexuality. While many people ship him with his co-star in My Fault, many believe that the star has never dated anyone of his co-stars before and this subsequently led to the speculations about Gabriel Guevara being gay.

Keep reading the article to uncover the sexuality and love life of Nick Leister of My Fault who stole our hearts at the first glimpse. Read till the end to know if Gabriel Guevara is gay or are these rumors false.

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Is Gabriel Guevara Gay?

is gabriel guevara gay

No, Gabriel Guevara is not gay. The Spanish-French actor and model, who has made his name in showbiz with works like Cris, Skam España, and My Fault, is not gay. The rumors claiming that Gabriel Guevara is gay have no factual basis.

According to The Writers Perspective, the star has clarified that he has been in heterosexual relationships in the past in several interviews. The speculations about the star being gay are baseless.

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Who Is Gabriel Guevara Dating?

is gabriel guevara gay

Gabriel Guevara is currently not dating anyone. The star was previously associated with Nicole Wallace, a well-known actress. However, the rumors were neither confirmed nor denied. According to, he was also in an affectionate relationship with Agostina Goñi, who is a successful influencer and community manager.

The two have been spotted together on multiple occasions since October 2020. However, neither of the two have confirmed their relationship. Reports also suggest that the two dated for some time but parted ways later on and are no longer together.