Is Gabriel Macht Gay? Debunking The Rumors Surrounding The Sexuality Of Suits’ Star

Is Gabriel Macht Gay? Gabriel Macht, who is best known for his role as Harvey Specter in his Suits, is on the top of the news headlines with rumors surrounding his sexuality. Macht’s character Harvey Specter has always had a way with women on Suits but in reality, the actor’s love life is way more interesting.

The rumors of the star being gay began with trolls that originated from social media pages. It is obviously not new for actors and stars to get engulfed in rumors regarding their sexuality and love life.

Keep reading the article to debunk the rumors about Gabriel Macht being gay. Know if its a hoax or if there’s some truth behind it.

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Is Gabriel Macht Gay?

is gabriel macht gay

No, Gabriel Macht is not gay. The rumors are completely baseless for like his character in the Suits, Macht is pretty popular among women. Gabriel Macht has never confirmed or denied the rumors, however, it is evidently clear from the actor’s past and present relationship status that he is not gay.

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Who Is Gabriel Macht Dating?

is gabriel macht gay

Gabriel Match is married to Jacinda Barrett. Although Harvey has had several women up on his sleeves for all nine seasons of Suit, Macht, on the contrary, is a dedicated family man who has given all of his heart to his lovely wife, Jacinda Barrett, who is also a famous actress.

The actress even made appearance on her husband’s show, Suits in a guest role in three episodes as Zoe Lawford. She is also popularly known for her role as Diana Rayburn in Bloodlines and as Samantha Blackwell in Hide and Seek.