Is Gareth Pierce Gay? Coronation Street Star’s Sexuality and Love Life Unraveled

Is Gareth Pierce Gay? Gareth Pierce, the star known for his role in Coronation Street, made it to the headlines once again with a rumor surrounding his personal life. The Welsh musician and actor is one of the most famous personalities.

The rumors surrounding his love life, and particularly his sexuality are not new to the entertainment industry. The question- ‘Is Gareth Pierce Gay?’ is the most searched question about the actor on the internet. This time, we are here to put a full stop on these questions.

Keep reading to know more about the sexuality and love life of the Welsh actor and to uncover if Gareth Pierce is gay.

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Is Gareth Pierce Gay?

is gareth pierce gay

No, Gareth Pierce is not gay. The rumors of Gareth Pierce being gay were started by trolls on social media and are not true. Gareth Pierce is a happily married man and even has a daughter which we will discuss below.

Gareth Pierce came to fame with his character Gavin Moss in BBC Radio 4 drama The Archers. But he caught the public’s attention for his role as Todd Grimshaw who returned to Coronation Street in 2020.

The star replaced Bruno Langley on the show. This was after he was accused of sexually assaulting two women in a Manchester nightclub.

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Is Gareth Pierce Married?

is gareth pierce gay

Yes, Gareth Pierce is married. He is happily married to his wife, Chamberlain Pierce which proves his heterosexuality. The couple tied the knot back in April 2014. The couple even have a daughter together. Gareth Pierce often shares photos of his cute family on social media, making fans go gaga over their family.

However, fans have not got a chance of getting a glimpse of his lovely daughter’s face. The affectionate father hides the face of his daughter in the pictures he shares on his social media.