Is Gavin Casalegno Single? The Truth About American Actor’s Relationship Status

Is Gavin Casalegno single? American actor and model Gavin Casalegno is most known for playing Jeremiah Fisher in the series The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022), which was based on Jenny Han’s best-selling trilogy of the same name.

His other significant works include The Vampire Diaries (2015) and Noah (2014), both directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Since the arrival of the Netflix drama series “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, a lot of people have been curious about Gavin’s relationship status, but the actor has kept a low profile about it.

So, is the actor now dating someone or is he single? Let’s go right to the article and discover the truth about Gavin Casalegno’s romantic situation without wasting any time.

Is Gavin Casalegno Single?

is gavin casalegno single

Yes, Gavin Casalegno is single and not dating anyone at the moment according to various online sources. Since his alleged breakup with his longtime girlfriend Larsen Thompson in 2022, Gavin Casalegno has managed to keep his relationship status quite low-key.

It appears that he is currently not dating anyone, as there have been no indications or mentions of a significant other on his social media pages since May 31, 2022. Instead, Gavin has been sharing Instagram pictures primarily featuring his co-stars or just himself.

Whether he is intentionally keeping his personal life out of the public eye or simply enjoying his time as a single individual, it seems that Gavin is focused on his career and personal growth at the moment.

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Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson’s Relationship: Adventures to Break-Up

is gavin casalegno single

Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson were in a romantic relationship since 2016 before they broke up in August 2022 as per J-14. They have shared PDA, sweet moments, and expressed their love for each other throughout their time together.

One of Thompson and Casalegno’s earliest Instagram posts together is from August 2016 (which is now deleted), more than six years into their relationship.

For his birthday in 2021, she sent a now-deleted charming Reel of them along with the message, “6 years just isn’t long enough… ” “You make my world shine! Happy 22nd birthday, sweetie. I will always adore you.

Gavin Casalegno provided some insight on his relationship with Thompson back in June 2022, telling Seventeen magazine that Thompson is a “hopeless romantic” who is known to make big gestures.

After some time fans have noticed a lack of joint posts, no appearances at each other’s events, and separate vacations. Larsen’s absence from the premiere of Gavin’s show and her decreased interaction on his social media posts have further fueled breakup rumors.

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The couple also spent time in New York separately, with no shared photos or videos. Larsen’s TikTok video with a suggestive song in the background has left fans questioning their relationship status. After all of this drama, news came from the source close to the couple that they broke up.