Is George Krissa Gay? Is “The Hollywood Sitter” Star Gay IRL Too?

Is George Krissa gay? Jonathan Bennett and George Krissa made history by appearing in the first-ever Christmas rom-com to feature a homosexual relationship for Hallmark.

When his sister and her husband leave town to attend the birth of a kid they are adopting, workaholic bachelor Sam (Bennett) is unwillingly asked to watch his nephew and niece.

Sam is a terrible babysitter, as evidenced by the kitchen fire he started the last time he was in charge of the kids. Jason (Krissa), a charming neighbor attempting to adopt a kid, offers assistance.

Sam and Jason progressively fall in love with one another. So is George Krissa gay in real life too? Let’s go right to it and read the article to find the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is George Krissa Gay?

is george krissa gay

Yes, George Krissa is a proud gay man. George Krissa has openly and honestly embraced his sexuality from the beginning.

Because he has been outspoken about his orientation from the beginning, his supporters are already aware of it.

His sexual orientation attracted a lot of attention when he starred in the pioneering movie “The Hollywood Sitter,” which is about a gay couple.

George’s role in the film demonstrated both his acting prowess and commitment to accurately represent the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s well-known among his social media followers that he and his lover have been in a committed relationship for a very long time.

Numerous others have surely been motivated and touched by George’s openness to tell his story and fight for LGBTQ+ visibility.

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Who Is George Krissa Dating?

is george krissa gay

Geoge Krissa is dating Bri Waters for a very long time. Although they are not yet married, the couple appears to get along well.

In 2017, Krissa and Waters began dating, and they frequently post selfies on social media. Waters is a Canadian marketing director, dramatist, and director who also serves as Softify’s UX design lead.

He has worked as a designer and director in addition to acting in a number of films, and he is well-known for his audacious performances.

Among the programs and short films that Waters has worked on are Gregory, Legends of the Falls, and Thing You Did as per IMDB.

Since they are both performers, we can claim that they have always supported one another’s professional endeavors.

Although they are not married, the pair has a relationship that is similar to that of a married couple.

The pair frequently upload photos of themselves together, pictures of him with his mother, Valentine’s Day thoughts, and postings commemorating their anniversary.

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On 16th June George wished Waters a happy 6 years anniversary in a heartfelt Instagram post with a caption:

Six years ❤️🎉
Happy Anniversary @briwaters! You are the funniest, smartest, kindest, coolest, most interesting person in the world. I love you more than you’ll ever know!”