Is Georgie Tunny Pregnant? The Truth Behind Speculation About the Australian Journalist’s Maternal Status in 2023!!

Is Georgie Tunny Pregnant? Georgie Tunny is a famous journalist in Australia. She’s had a successful career at Channel 10, where she’s been a familiar face for many years. She’s even co-hosted shows like “The Project.”

Georgie is known for doing important interviews and asking tough questions to important people. She started her journalism journey at ABC, where she was part of the ABC News Breakfast team. She worked there for four years.

Unfortunately, she lost her job at ABC to Tony Armstrong, which was a bit of a setback. But now, there are some questions about what’s next for Georgie at Channel 10.

However, Nowadays, people are wondering if Georgie Tunny is pregnant. This article will look into whether the journalist’s appearance has changed and what’s known about her pregnancy rumors.

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Is Georgie Tunny Pregnant? Georgie Tunny Pregnancy Rumors Debunked!!

No, Georgie Tunny isn’t expecting a baby in 2023. So, where did the stories about her having a baby this year come from? People have been curious about recent pictures showing her with a slightly rounder tummy and her struggles with putting on some weight.

But here’s the surprising part: when she was photographed on a beach, she looked fit and in shape. In that beach picture, there was no sign of a baby bump, just a regular person’s body going through natural changes. 

It’s important for us, her fans, to treat celebrities’ bodies the same way we would any other person’s. However, gaining a little weight doesn’t always mean someone is pregnant.

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Insights from Georgie Tunny’s Partner: Their Perspective on Pregnancy and Family Planning!!

is georgie tunny pregnant

Georgie Tunny shared something special about her partner, Rob Mills. She mentioned: 

“My love, Rob Mills, wants to have a bunch of kids.”

But here’s what Georgie thinks about it: 

“I’d love to have children someday, but I’m not quite ready for it right now.”

Georgie also mentioned that her partner, Rob, is all set to start a family soon, and she’s excited to see him become a dad. She believes he will be an amazing father. But, In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in April 2023, Georgie talked about her career plans. She said that for now, she wants to focus more on her career.

Even though she’s not ready for motherhood at the moment, Georgie wants to be a mom someday, and she thinks it would be an incredibly special experience.

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Exploring the Love Life of Georgie Tunny: Insights Into the Life and Relationship of The Australian Journalist!!

is georgie tunny pregnant

As 2022 began, Rob and Georgie wanted to make their love even stronger. On New Year’s Day, Rob shared some wonderful news on Instagram – he asked Georgie to marry him:

“Best road trip of my life. I asked this girl to be my wife… Happy New Year everyone. Hope you learned some new skills throughout the last few years. Went deeper. Loved harder. Listened more. It’s worth it. Had a few beers with a mate the other day. He offered up some advice about marriage… ‘Give.’ That was it. Simple. I’m gonna give it a go. Cause she’s worth it.”

Their love story began when the singer and contestant on “Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars,” Rob Mills, found it quite easy to connect with someone special through digital communication. 

A few years ago, he saw ABC presenter Georgie Tunny on TV and decided to send her a direct message (DM) on Instagram. Rob told the Sydney Morning Herald in July 2020:

“I had been living the single life and going on lots of horrible Tinder dates. Then one morning in 2018 I turned on the television to ABC News Breakfast and went ‘Who is that?!’”

“She was beautiful and articulate. I needed to know her. I Googled ‘Who is the new ABC sports presenter?’, and Georgie’s name came up. I sent her a direct message on Instagram, which opened with, ‘I promise I’m not crazy’.”

Fortunately for Rob, Georgie remembered him from his time on Australian Idol, a show she was a big fan of when she was in high school.

After that first message, they almost started dating each other in 2020.