Is Graham Nash Still Alive? Nash And Former Bandmates Pay Tribute To David Crosby, Passes Away At 81!

Graham Nash mourns the death of David Crosby, who passed away on January 18, 2023. Nash and Crosby have been bandmates for quite a long time. Nash and Crosby worked together in several groups and have been close friends for decades. Unfortunately, the

American rock legend, David Crosby, passed away at age 81 in Santa Ynez, California.

” I know people tend to focus on how volatile our relationship has been at times, but what has always mattered to David and me more than anything was the pure joy of the music we created together, the sound we discovered with one another, and the deep friendship we have shared over all these many long years”  tweeted the English- American singer Graham Nash after his dear friend passed away. (Source: Twitter)

Is Graham Nash Still Alive?

Is Graham Nash Still Alive

Yes, Graham Nash is indeed alive. As of January 2023, Nash is 80 years old and is all set to celebrate his 81st birthday this February. (Source: HITC). Nash started off his career as a photographer and later co-founded the pop group The Hollies with his school friend Alan Clarke in Salford, United Kingdom. Nash was the group’s leader on the first album, “Stay with The Hollies”. The group was formed in 1962 and later went on to become the most successful pop group in the UK at that time.

The two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee has also recently announced his tour dates, which start on April 15, 2023.

The Friendship of Nash and Cosby!

Is Graham Nash Still Alive

Graham and Crosby co-founded numerous music groups together. They also formed a music group as a duo during the 1970s and performed regularly until the 2000s. The legendary singers met each other in the 70s in Los Angeles and have performed together since then. The rock singers have entertained their fans for almost fifty years so far. They have explored rock, country rock, folk rock, soft rock, pop music, and many more genres in their careers.

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Formation of CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

Is Graham Nash Still Alive

The supergroup CSNY was formed in California in 1968 and has gained enormous popularity since then. The rock band was at the peak of its career in the 70s when it released its album, déjà vu. The boy band also won the Best New Artist Grammy Award in 1970. CSNY was one of the most popular boy bands in the 70s. Although the band has been inactive for a few years, they are very much remembered for their contribution as rock singers and songwriters.

More than a music group, CSNY also influenced people by conveying their political views through their songs. CSNY, during the 70s even stood up against the Vietnam War, which made the band unique from other bands. The American boy band gained a lot of popularity for taking part in political activism and spreading social messages through their songs.

Crosby was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with bandmates Graham Nash and Stephen Stills. CSNY has been performing and meeting all the fans worldwide until 2015.