Is Graham Parkhurst Gay? Portraying Gay Character in ‘Glamorous’ Sparks Speculations!

Is Graham Parkhurst gay? Glamorous, a gay workplace dramedy, has premiered on Netflix and is guaranteed to be a success with those seeking a good laugh and some love surprises.

There are several appealing aspects of the new program, notably Graham Parkhurst, a standout actor. In the TV show Glamorous, Parkhurst plays Parker, the athletic “finance bro” lover of Miss Benny’s Marco Mejia.

The pair’s troubled relationship drives them to face difficult realities about one another and themselves. You undoubtedly have questions about Graham Parkhurst when you watch the series Glamorous.

We’re disclosing the sexual orientation and other personal information of the charming star!

Is Graham Parkhurst Gay?

is graham parkhurst gay

Yes, Graham Parkhurst is an openly gay man. So if you are wondering if Graham is gay in real life too like his character, you are right! In a Yahoo! UK interview, Parkhurst declared that he is openly homosexual.

According to him, it was a unique experience to play a homosexual character on a program that was so supportive of the LGBTQ+ community:

“Getting the chance to play an openly gay character in a show of this magnitude is something I never thought would be possible in my career as a Canadian actor.

“There are certain limits we have as actors in Canada. We don’t have much of a star system here, so booking a larger role on an American-produced project — and specifically a gay character — is one of those needle-in-haystack situations.”

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Who Is Graham Parkhurst Dating?

is graham parkhurst gay

Graham Parkhurst is not daring anyone publicly as of now according to various online sources.

Graham Parkhurst is a rising star who wowed viewers with his outstanding performance in the well-liked Netflix drama series “Glamorous,” but fans are still unsure about his romantic status.

Graham has been private about whether or not he has a lover despite his newfound status.

There are no hints or signals about his significant other even after looking into his social media presence.

It’s likely that he is putting his career first right now, or he may be in a secret relationship.

As we anxiously anticipate Graham to candidly discuss this element of his life with his devoted audience, time will only be able to reveal the truth.

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What Movies and Shows Has Graham Parkhurst Appeared In?

is graham parkhurst gay

Parkhurst has already acted in a variety of series, some of which are Netflix productions, however, Glamorous is his largest part yet and his most extensive introduction to the Netflix audience.

You could have seen the actor in the Shown and Movies as per IMDB below:

  • Glamorous
  • Supergirl
  • Sex/Life
  • Titans
  • Boyfriends of Christmas Past
  • How to Find Forever
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Happy For You
  • Stealing School
  • Home Town