Is Guy Sebastian Gay? The Question of His Sexuality and Addressing Rumors Surrounding Him!!

Is Guy Sebastian Gay?  Guy Sebastian was born in a place called Klang in Malaysia on October 26, 1981. He has Australian citizenship, and he is from different backgrounds. His parents are Nellie Sebastian and Ivan Sebastian.

Guy Sebastian is a very successful singer from Australia who sings pop songs. He won a big singing competition called Australian Idol in 2003. He was also a judge on another show called The X Factor in 2010-2012 and 2015-2016. He even represented Australia in a song contest called Eurovision in 2015 and came in fifth place.

But the main reason for this article is to know more about Guy Sebastian’s sexuality, his relationship, and many more. 

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Is Guy Sebastian Gay? Curiosities Surrounding His Sexuality!!

No, Guy Sebastian is not gay. Fans said things about Guy Sebastian’s sexuality after he won Australian Idol in 2003, but those rumors were not true. 

Some people thought he might be gay, but he has always said that he is straight. He is married to his girlfriend from when he was a kid, Jules Sebastian, and they have two kids.

People being mean to him because of those rumors made him feel bad. It even made him stop doing music for a bit. Even though some people thought he might be connected to the LGBTQ community because of the rumors. 

Sometimes, things were tough at the start of his career, but he has been able to move past the bad stuff and has a happy life and a successful music career with his wife, Jules, and their kids.

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Jules Sebastian Playfully Teases Husband Guy Sebastian About Their Intimate Life!!

is guy sebastian gay

Guy Sebastian has always been very open about the private things in his marriage with his wife, Jules Sebastian.

Recently, they both talked about personal stuff on a game called Cost Of Love. They played this game on a radio show called KISS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia. In the game, Jules had to guess what Guy would say to different questions.

Talking about the famous afro that Guy Sebastian had during his time on Idol, one of the radio hosts, Jackie, asked a funny question. She said: 

“Did he also have a curly hair down there?”

Jules, Guy’s wife, quickly answered: 


Guy was really surprised. He asked: 

“What?! Are you for real?”

Then Jules explained:

“I meant that he used to have curly hair there.”

Guy asked:

“Did I have bushy b****?”

Jules added laughing: 

“I can’t believe I said yes.” 

Guy then added embarrassingly: 

“Well, I am personally rocked by this because I have always prided myself on manscaping.”

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The Voice coach, also admitted that it was very difficult for him to stay away from his wife before they got married because of their shared Christian beliefs, which prevented them from having physical contact before getting hitched.

“We waited. That was a massive punishment. You cut the bit off where I did say exactly what Kyle said, a lot of pent up of … Christians … young couples who naturally want to rip off each other’s clothes and end up pushing every boundary they can and do pretty much everything but.”

The musician has spoken candidly about his sex life before. On the same radio show in 2018, he talked of a time when he attempted to engage Jules in a role-play.

“We were talking about doing a scenario like they did on Modern Family, where we just meet each other at a bar and I’m not Guy Sebastian – I’m just some bloke and we just sort of get into character.”

Unfortunately, Jules had zero interest in the role-playing concept.