Is Halle Bailey Pregnant? The Pregnancy Speculations Surrounding the Talented Star’s First Possible Child!!

Is Halle Bailey Pregnant? Sometimes, people are always guessing if famous women are going to have babies. This happens a lot, especially if they’ve been with someone for a long time or got married recently. Well, it seems like Disney star Halle Bailey famous for her “The Little Mermaid” movie is the newest celebrity caught up in these baby rumors.

So, let’s get to the question: Is Halle Bailey really pregnant? We’re going to share everything we know about it.

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Is Halle Bailey Pregnant? Halle Bailey Anticipating Motherhood?

is halle bailey pregnant

There is no official news confirming that Halle Bailey is pregnant. However, around mid-August 2023, rumors about Halle expecting a baby with her boyfriend DDG started spreading on the internet. This all began because of an article from MediaTakeOut on August 19, 2023.

In this article, three people who work in the entertainment industry shared their thoughts. They said that in some of Halle’s social media posts from early July 2023 to mid-August 2023, she didn’t show her stomach. They believed she might be hiding a pregnancy.

In these photos, Halle was often seen facing away from the camera or wearing loose-fitting clothes, which made people think she might have a baby bump.

Interestingly, Halle later shared videos and pictures that clearly showed she wasn’t pregnant.

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The Origins of Halle Bailey’s Pregnancy Rumor: Tracing the Source of The Speculation!!

is halle bailey pregnant

Halle Bailey, the American actress and singer, has been showing signs that she might be pregnant while she’s at Milan Fashion Week with her boyfriend, YouTuber DDG.

They were seen leaving a party in Milan, Italy on Sunday night. Halle was wearing a big black jacket and loose jeans, trying to hide her stomach. She had on silver heels, lots of necklaces, and black sunglasses. DDG wore a fancy shirt, black pants, and big black boots.

A few weeks ago, people started thinking she might be pregnant, and when she went to the MTV Video Music Awards, her outfit made people wonder even more. A source close to Halle told Page Six that:

“Halle stayed away from the pink carpet so she would not be photographed, and when she was inside, she was very mindful in the way she gave hugs, and who she gave them to. Orange dress flow was an indicator she was trying to hide,”

Her choice of an orange dress seemed like she was trying to hide something, and she kept her distance from people and gave more handshakes than usual.

All week in Milan, Halle has been wearing outfits that hide her body but still look stylish.

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Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend Addresses Pregnancy Rumors: His Response to The “Babies” Question in Video!!

is halle bailey pregnant

The rapper, whose real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. but goes by DDG, talked about the question “Where do babies come from?” on Snapchat. He was driving in his car, and the question from fans showed up on the screen.  DDG said: 

“A lot of the time, babies come from kissing. So when y’all be out here kissing these random people, y’all don’t understand that saliva gets into the uterus and actually encaptures the egg. Then that’s how women get pregnant. So, y’all need to watch where y’all put your mouth at.”

He said this as people talked about Halle, possibly being pregnant with their first child.