Is Harry Judd Gay? He Secretly Wants to Be Loved by Men?

Is Harry Judd gay? Harry may be best known as the talented drummer of the iconic band McFly and the 2011 champion of Strictly Come Dancing, but lately, it’s not just his musical and dancing prowess that’s been grabbing the spotlight.

With his recent participation in the BBC challenge series Celebrity Race Across the World, the public’s curiosity about Harry Judd has extended beyond his professional achievements and into the realm of his personal life, particularly his sexuality.

In this article, we’ll explore the intriguing question that has piqued the interest of many: Is Harry Judd gay? So, let’s delve into the details and uncover the truth about this accomplished musician’s sexual orientation.

Is Harry Judd Gay?

is harry judd gay

No, Harry Judd is not gay. While he may have inadvertently become a gay icon, especially after his charismatic performances on Strictly Come Dancing in 2010, his affectionate interactions and playful comments towards his admirers should not be mistaken for his actual sexual orientation.

Harry, who is quite comfortable with the attention his physique garners, has openly admitted to playing up to the cameras and even joking about being lusted after.

In fact, he has humorously expressed jealousy when male fans show interest in his fellow band members, but these remarks are all in good fun.

The key to understanding his orientation lies in his happy marriage to his wife, which serves as a clear indicator that Harry Judd’s sexual orientation is indeed straight.

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Who Is Harry Judd Married To?

is harry judd gay

Harry Judd is happily married to his wife, Brittany “Izzy” Johnston. Their love story began when Izzy, a former violinist with the group Escala, joined McFly for their 2005 concert tour as part of the string section.

Their connection deepened over the years, culminating in a beautiful wedding in 2012. This loving couple has been blessed with three wonderful children.

Their journey to parenthood was marked by resilience, as they initially faced challenges with conception and turned to IVF for assistance, which resulted in the birth of their first daughter.

In 2017, they experienced the joy of a natural conception, welcoming their son into the world. Their family grew once more in October 2021 when they celebrated the arrival of their third child, another baby boy.

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Harry and Izzy’s love story is not only a testament to their enduring relationship but also to their incredible journey as parents.