Is Higgins Pregnant on Magnum PI? Exploring the Clues and Speculation Surrounding This Character’s Pregnancy!!

Is Higgins Pregnant on Magnum PI? Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks are back on TV with the new season of Magnum P.I. In the first episode, Magnum and Higgins had to rescue a 12-year-old girl from a hitman, who was hired by another hitman but changed his mind. 

The episode was all about kids, and Magnum started thinking that Higgins might be pregnant while they were busy with the mission. 

They had hinted at the pregnancy in the ads for Season 5B and maybe even earlier, like in Season 3. Let’s find out more about this possible pregnancy.

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Is Higgins Pregnant on Magnum P.I.? Potential Pregnancy on Magnum P.I. and Its Impact on The Show’s Dynamics!!

is higgins pregnant on magnum pi

Magnum P.I. revealed in the first episode of the new season that Higgins is not pregnant. Both characters acted like grown-ups, and Magnum didn’t pressure her to talk about it. He did make a little joke about it, though.

The pregnancy scare made them have an important talk. Higgins said she was relieved, which wasn’t a surprise. Magnum’s feelings were a bit complicated. 

He said he would have been happy if she was pregnant, but he’s also happy that she’s not. Then he finally said “I love you,” which was teased in the previews, and Higgins said she loved him too.

It was unlikely that Magnum P.I. would start the season with a pregnancy story, but it seems like something they might come back to in the future, maybe in a season finale or series finale.

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The Heartfelt Conversation Between Higgins and Magnum About Pregnancy!!

is higgins pregnant on magnum pi

Magnum P.I. didn’t keep fans waiting to talk about the possible pregnancy. Higgins told Magnum that she might be pregnant early in the episode, and they talked about it a bit. 

Higgins didn’t want to show how she really felt about it, but it was clear she wasn’t hoping for a positive result from her blood test. Magnum was more open about his feelings. 

Higgins noticed that he sounded both excited and worried. They both realized that their dangerous job would need to change if she was pregnant. 

Especially since she had a fight with a hitman and didn’t win shortly after mentioning the possible pregnancy, it’s clear that they would have to be more careful during their investigations if she was going to be a mom.