Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant Again? Speculation Swirls as Fans Question Whether FOX Business Correspondent is Expecting Another Bundle of Joy!!

Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant Again? Hillary Vaughn, a reporter for FOX Business Network, is used to handling tough situations, covering everything from political races to legal issues of companies. However, experiencing breaking news is a whole different story. 

When Hillary was about to have her daughter, Bridget Blake Doocy, in February 2023, she found herself in a situation that could have made it to the local news. As the wife of Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy, Vaughn shared with People that she went into labor in a less-than-ideal place. 

Her water broke while she was on her way to work on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Fortunately, she used her reporter skills and connections to find someone with medical experience. Read on to learn more about what happened.

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Exploring the Pregnancy Rumors: Is Hillary Vaughn Pregnant Again?

No, Hillary Vaughn is not pregnant right now. However, The Fox News couple welcomed their daughter on February 1, 2023, likely at their chosen hospital in Virginia, avoiding any car delivery drama.

It might not have surprised Hillary Vaughn‘s coworkers that she went into labor on her way to the office. She worked until her due date and possibly even a bit beyond, originally reported to be in January. Being pregnant didn’t stop her from tackling important topics, though.

In November 2022, Vaughn was reporting on the presidential election while heavily pregnant. Dressed in stylish coats and sweaters, she looked radiant discussing events in New Hampshire. She mentioned to People: 

“I’m blessed to say this is my fourth election cycle with FOX, but for the first time I’m reporting — for two!”

Although her daughter Bridget Blake Doocy wasn’t physically there, Vaughn said: 

“My daughter has a front-row seat to history.”

As an expecting mom, she also made changes to her reporter lifestyle, swapping out caffeinated drinks for more water and trying to eat healthier while traveling and living in hotels.

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Tying the Knot with a Fox News Connection: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Hillary Vaughn’s Marriage!!

is hillary vaughn pregnant again

Hillary Vaughn is happily married to Peter Doocy, who works as a well-known news correspondent at Fox News, reporting from the White House. They got married in 2021, starting a new chapter in their lives filled with love and respect for each other.

Recently, the couple joyfully welcomed their first child, a daughter named Bridget Blake Doocy, making their family even more special. 

Hillary and Peter’s relationship shows a perfect mix of professional success and personal happiness, as they share a love for journalism and a strong commitment to each other.