Is Hisam from Big Brother Gay? Unveiling the Sexuality of Big Brother 25 Fame!

Is Hisam from Big Brother gay? Hisam Goueli is one of the 17 competitors in Big Brother 25 who are vying for the $750,000 grand prize.

The BB Comics-verse, the Humili-verse, the Scary-verse, and the Scramble-verse were among the multiverses that were let loose in the home by the Time Laser twist.

The arrival of Cirie Fields, a Survivor star and the mother of Jared Fields, another Big Brother 25 candidate, as the 17th houseguest added fresh surprises.

The introduction of the Nether Region, from which the Nether Gorgon emerges and demands the “souls” of the houseguests, was another twist in Big Brother 25. Anyone who visits has an impact that could be favorable or unfavorable to their game.

Hisam has established himself as a formidable opponent throughout Big Brother 25, taking home the second Head of Household (HOH) and two Power of Veto awards.

He has been making headlines as fans are terrified by Hisam’s ‘evil laugh’ after eviction and as already mentioned he has become a fan favorite due to which many people are interested in his personal life, especially his sexuality.

So, is Hisam from Big Brother gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about Hisam’s sexual orientation.

Is Hisam from Big Brother Gay?

is hisam from big brother gay

Yes, Hisam Goueli from Big Brother describes himself as a confident gay. In his Big Brother 25 introduction package, Hisam introduced himself as:

“Confident, gay, Arab, Muslim man who basically is in love with life and wanting to explore all of its possibilities.” 

He is a 45-year-old geriatric physician who resides in Seattle, Washington. Hisam acts as a cabaret and burlesque dancer as a pastime in his spare time.

Hisam is the only member of the BB25 to date to have come out as LGBTQ+. Izzy Gleicher, a fellow inhabitant, has, however, previously discussed being queer in interviews as per Pride.

Nevertheless, Hisam quickly rose to fame as the meme king and a fan favorite at the season 25 premiere. and it’s easy to understand why!

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Who Is Hisam Goueli Dating?

is hisam from big brother gay

Hisam Goueli is rumored to be dating Roberto. He is widely known for being a remarkably private individual, often keeping a tight lid on the details of his personal life.

While Big Brother houseguest hasn’t been one to openly share much about himself, online tabloids have been rife with speculations lately.

According to these sources, there are claims swirling around that Hisam might be in a romantic relationship with someone named Roberto, and there’s even chatter about a potential marriage between them.

However, it’s important to note that, as of now, Hisam hasn’t stepped forward to confirm or deny these rumors. The online buzz lacks substantial evidence to definitively establish the accuracy of these claims.

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In the absence of concrete proof and an official statement from Hisam himself, the veracity of these speculations remains uncertain.