Is Jackie Christie Pregnant? A Deep Dive into the Pregnancy Speculation Surrounding the TV Star!

Is Jackie Christie pregnant? American reality television star Jackie Christie is popularly known for her appearances on the VH1 show “Basketball Wives: Los Angeles.”

The reality Television personality has been in showbiz for almost a decade, while also successfully managing her own business.

She is also an author and philanthropist. Often in the eye of a storm for her controversial remarks on the show and off it, she is popular among her fans for her outspoken views.

Now, there have been rumors circulating around the internet that Jackie Christy is pregnant. So, keep reading this article to find out the truth about her pregnancy status.

Is Jackie Christie Pregnant?

is jackie christie pregnant

No, Jackie Christie is not pregnant. Contrary to the recent rumors that sparked after the premiere of the latest season of Basketball Wives, it appears that Jackie Christie is not expecting.

While speculation about her pregnancy spread like wildfire on the internet, it’s essential to remember that rumors can often be misleading.

Despite some diligent searching through her recent photos on Instagram, we couldn’t find any hints or indications pointing towards a pregnancy.

Jackie, a prominent reality TV star, has not confirmed any pregnancy, and official sources have not verified these claims. As with many public figures, it’s crucial to rely on accurate information and official statements, rather than hearsay and gossip.

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Who Is Jackie Christie Married To?

is jackie christie pregnant

Jackie Christie has been in a joyous and committed marriage with her husband, Doug Christie, since they tied the knot on July 8, 1993.

Their enduring love story is a testament to their strong bond. In 2002, The New York Times even featured them in a story, where the Christies openly discussed their marriage and their unwavering commitment to each other.

What’s truly remarkable is their tradition of renewing their wedding vows every year on their wedding anniversary, a beautiful gesture that symbolizes their enduring love and dedication to one another.

Despite their public personas, the Christies prefer to keep their personal lives away from the spotlight, cherishing the intimacy and privacy of their relationship.

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How Many Kids Does Jackie Christie Have?

Fans have been curious about Jackie Christie’s child count since the Basketball Wives star was spotted on the reality show with some of her children. In all, she has three children: one from a prior relationship and two with Doug Christie.

Ta’Kari Lee

is jackie christie pregnant

At present, 33-year-old Ta’Kari is Jackie’s first child, born on August 24, 1990. Forward for the Sacramento Kings, Matt Barnes gave Christie’s grandson a donation of $3,000.

Since word spread that Jackie’s daughter’s boy had been injured at school and that she had declined to assist, Jackie has been the target of disparaging communications.

Jackie’s eldest kid, Ta’Kari Lee, set up the GoFundMe campaign in order to assist with her son’s medical costs.

Jaxson, Ta’s son, was in a terrible accident at his daycare and ended up with severe burns. Matt Barnes has not been the only one to assist. Evelyn Lozada gave Jaxson a $3,500 donation.

Chantel Christie

is jackie christie pregnant

Chantel Christie is a 31-year-old who was born on June 1, 1993. We learned last month that Chantel is five months along with her pregnancy. With luck, Jackie’s second youngster will have a wonderful grandmother.

Douglas Christie Jr.

is jackie christie pregnant

Douglas Christie Jr. is a 22-year-old who was born on March 1, 2001. He appeared on The Christies: Committed, the family’s 2006 reality show.