Is Jake Paul and Julia Rose Still Together? All You Need to Know About Their Split!

Jake joseph paul is an American social medial personality and a professional boxer. He was born on January 17, 1997. He initially got famous on Vine before playing the role of dirk mann on the Disney channel series. The series was Bizaardvark for two seasons. Throughout his journey, he has been a controversial topic for everyone.

Also, he has been charged with many criminal charges, including trespass and unlawful assembly. Jake began his boxing career in August 2018 when he defeated British youtube Deji Olatunji in an amateur contest via TKO. Jake and Julia Rose were together. They used to post pictures on their social media.

Is Jake Paul and Julia Rose Still Together?

is jake paul and julia rose still together


No, Jake Paul and Julia Rose are not together anymore! ‘the problem child’ jake paul has uploaded some new pictures of him with Dutch skater and Olympic medalist Jutta Leerdam confirming that they both are dating each other. Jutta Leerdam and Jake have been seen together often going out. Also, he has posted some pictures of them together to assure all the fans about their relationship.

The fans have reacted to the update positively. Julia Rose and Paul have been dating each for a long time, and now they have confirmed their split. Also, Julia has unfollowed Jake from her social media platform.

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Julia Rose Unfollows Jake Paul

There were rumours of jake paul and Julia rose to break up. On Valentines Day, Jake posted boxing as his Valentine rather than posting his picture with Julia Rose. ‘The problem child’ claimed boxing as his Valentine, so fans have been speculating about his relationship with Julia Rose. Now that fans have noticed that Julia Grew has unfollowed Paul on her social media platform and deleted all her pictures with him.

So, it is confirmed that they are seeing each other anymore. Also, ‘the problem child’ posted new pictures with his girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam. Therefore there is no official information on why the couple split. According to the reports, the couple has split a second time this time. The first time was back in 2021. However, this is no surprise as three months ago, the couple were celebrating in Dubai.

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Jake Pauls Ex-Girlfriend Julia Rose

is jake paul and julia rose still together

Julia Rose was born on December 20, 1993. she was born in new orleans, Louisiana. She was a contestant in MTV’s are you the one? Season four. Then later, she became an Instagram model and social media influencer and also started dating jake paul. after dating jake paul, she got famous. over the years, she started getting famous and came over social media a lot.

There was a time when she and one of her friends got flashed Gerrit Cole during the 2019 world cup. Later they banned hr from the major league baseball stadiums across the country. But the ban was done to raise her profile and get into SHAGMAG. But SHAGMAG appears to be nothing at this point as she still is one of the famous models on Instagram. She has one million followers.