Is James Norton Gay? What is the Sexual Orientation of this English Actor

Is James Norton gay? James Norton is an English actor who works in theater, cinema, and television. His appearances in the TV shows Happy Valley, Grantchester, War & Peace, and McMafia are well-known.

His portrayal of Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley got him a British Academy Television Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2015.

James Norton was in the news when he attended the A Little Life wrap party following the West End performance with his co-stars. Now, more people are curious about his personal life, particularly his sexuality, because some think he is gay.

So, is James Norton really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is James Norton Gay?

is james norton gay

No, James Norton is not gay. The talented 38-year-old actor has found himself caught up in misconceptions about his sexual orientation.

These assumptions stem from his bold and memorable performance in the play “A Little Life,” directed by Ivo van Hove, where he appeared nude on stage.

However, it’s crucial to note that his on-stage portrayal was simply a demand of the script and a testament to his dedication as an actor.

Adding to the rumors, he has also played some queer characters in movies or shows, such as once he portrayed a pansexual character in the HBO series ‘The Nevers.’

In reality, Norton’s romantic history speaks for itself, as he has exclusively dated women in the past. These real-life relationships stand as evidence of his heterosexual orientation.

It’s important not to confuse an actor’s on-stage roles with their personal life, and in Norton’s case, his dating history unequivocally dispels any rumors about his sexual orientation.

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Who Is James Norton Dating?

is james norton gay

James Norton has been engaged to the actress Imogen Poots since 2022. The actor lives in Peckham with his well-known fiancée, actress Imogen Poots, and enjoys a tranquil existence in the South-East London neighborhood.

James proposed to Imogen in February 2022 after four years of courtship, and he frequently shared photographs of his future wife on Instagram.

After meeting through a West End production—James and Imogen co-starred in Belleville at the Donmar Warehouse in 2017—they most likely felt a sense of nostalgia at the occasion.

Despite their intense privacy, Imogen opened up to ES Magazine in 2020 about her choice to move in with James after years of a long-distance relationship.

“It’s all I’ve ever known,” she said. Imogen continued, saying that they had never experienced a relationship breakdown: “I’ve never known something to fall apart because of distance.”

Imogen had spent her time traveling between New York and London for numerous film roles before they moved in together, as per HELLO!

Fans will undoubtedly recognize the Hollywood star from her roles in French Exit, Need for Speed, Vivarium, and That Awkward Moment.

Regarding their wedding plans, it appears that the couple is taking things slow and is just enjoying being engaged, especially since James is busy with his career.

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James Norton’s Dating History

is james norton gay

James dated his War and Peace co-star Jessie Buckley from 2015 to 2017 before he started dating Imogen.

While the Irish actress acknowledged that things weren’t always easy, she called their breakup “acrimonious” and praised her boyfriend in an interview:

“We have broken up, yes,’ she told the publication. “It was acrimonious, but it’s a tough job to have a relationship and he is a great man and we are great friends. That’s it. How diplomatic can I sound?”

“If you are away for a year filming, you are just not physically around at points,” she continued.

James Norton’s dating life explains that he dated only women in the past and shows that he has a clear interest in women, which claims that James Norton is not gay but a straight man.