Wissam Al Mana Is Married to Janet Jackson.!

is janet jackson married

In her new Lifetime and A&E documentary, Janet Jackson, 55, is opening up in a way she has never done before. In the new film Janet, which debuted on Friday (Jan. 28), the renowned singer, actress, and dancer are seen being open about both her professional and personal lives.

Janet talks about her marriage as one of her subjects. She has been married three times, but none of those unions were successful in the long run. Here are some things to know about the three men who have claimed Janet Jackson as their wife as the world learns more about the multi-talented superstar.

James DeBarge, who was 58, was Janet’s first husband. When James married Janet in 1984, he was 21 and she was only 18. James was an R&B/soul artist who was a part of the singing family group DeBarge. Before getting married, the pair dated for two years.

Following her self-titled debut in 1982, Janet had just put out her second solo album, Dream Street. Teenage Janet’s decision to wed her dominating father, the late Joe Jackson, was seen as a form of rebellion. As a result of his alleged drug addiction, the marriage was dissolved in 1985.

is janet jackson married

Over the years, there have been persistent rumors that the couple had a secret child. In 2016, James addressed these rumors on the series Growing Up Hip-Hop. In TV footage, he told his daughter, “I’m weary of the secrecy.” “I’m sick of people hiding the truth and being cowards when it comes to it.

And because it needs to be addressed, I believed it was prudent for me to speak up now. In her documentary, Janet also addressed these accusations. They used to say that I had a child back then, but I kept it a secret. I would never be able to keep a kid away from James,” she reportedly told People. “How was I going to keep a kid away from their dad? I could never act in such a way; it’s wrong.

Ricardo Elizondo

René Elizondo, a 59-year-old Mexican dancer, and songwriter was Janet’s second husband. René, who also directs music videos, introduced them while they were both working on a movie. Six years after her divorce from James, Janet and René were united in marriage on March 31, 1991.

They got engaged on a beach. According to People, she stated in the document, “I needed to just break free of being with someone that did drugs and all of that.” “I required a ride. René was humorous and we always had a good time. He was unbelievably endearing.

is janet jackson married

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Wissam Al Mana and Janet Jackson Are Officially Divorced.

Wissam Al Mana and Janet Jackson’s impending divorce has finally been made official. After five years of marriage, the singer and Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana welcomed Eissa Al Mana on January 3, 2017. Following the delivery, there were rumors that the couple had split, and Ms. Jackson was believed to be alone.

Wissam Al Mana and Janet Jackson’s Impending Divorce Has Finally Been Made Official.

After five years of marriage, the singer and Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana welcomed Eissa Al Mana on January 3, 2017.

Soon after the baby was born, the couple was said to have broken up, and at the start of April 2017, Ms. Jackson was spotted in public without her wedding band.

Ms. Jackson is rumored to have resented being constrained by her husband’s religious and cultural convictions, which prompted their amicable separation. According to a “family confidante,” “She loves to be in control,” the New York Post reported. She did not enjoy giving up that control in the marriage. She wants to revert to her former persona as Janet Jackson rather than Mrs. Wissam Al Mana or the submissive Muslim wife.

Despite the divorce, Al Mana still has a close relationship with Eissa. He was recently spotted with a 3-month-old child in a park in London. “Janet really believes in Wissam, and he believes in her. They get along well together. They don’t fight, a family friend said to People on Wednesday.

The fact that the family is still based in London makes the religious considerations of their divorce and custody issues much simpler.

is janet jackson married

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There has been no word on whether Ms. Jackson will relocate back to the United States or if Eissa will accompany her on the State of the World tour, which kicks off on September 7, 2017.

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