Is Jason Kelce Gay? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Is Jason Kelce gay? Jason Kelce, the renowned American football center for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL, has undeniably made a name for himself on the field.

With a career marked by Super Bowl victories, numerous Pro Bowl selections, and All-Pro honors, he’s rightfully celebrated for his athletic prowess.

However, in recent times, the spotlight has shifted towards his personal life, particularly his sexual orientation.

Amidst the buzz surrounding his brother Travis Kelce’s romantic escapades, some curiosity has arisen about Jason’s own sexuality.

Just as speculations have swirled around Travis, questions about Jason’s sexual orientation have surfaced.

In this article, we delve into the subject to uncover the truth about Jason Kelce’s personal life and address the queries regarding his sexuality.

Is Jason Kelce Gay?

is jason kelce gay

No, Jason Kelce is not gay. Amidst the viral romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift that has taken social media by storm, Jason Kelce has found himself in the spotlight, with many curious individuals turning to the internet to inquire about his sexual orientation.

However, it’s essential to clarify that the rumors suggesting Jason is gay are entirely baseless. There is not a shred of evidence to support the notion that the 35-year-old football star identifies as homosexual.

In fact, what we do know is that Jason Kelce is happily married to his wife, which serves as a clear indication of his heterosexual orientation.

So, despite the speculations and internet chatter, it’s crucial to rely on concrete information and respect an individual’s privacy when it comes to their personal life.

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Who Is Jason Kelce Married To?

is jason kelce gay

Jason Kelce is married to Kylie McDevitt, and their love story has its own unique twists and turns. The two initially crossed paths through a dating app when Kylie and her friends stumbled upon Jason’s profile on Tinder.

Interestingly, Jason’s dating profile didn’t mention his football career with the Eagles, which added an element of mystery. Kylie, a Philadelphia native, had a hunch that she recognized him and confirmed it through a Google image search.

However, she still had her doubts and considered the possibility of a catfish situation. When he extended an invitation to meet at a bar, her friend jokingly remarked, “It’s either gonna be him or it’s gonna be someone pretending to be him. Hilarious either way.”

Kylie even managed to find a screenshot of Jason’s “ironic” dating profile, which humorously stated his interest in intimate conversations and women who want babies, in stark contrast to the hookup culture often associated with dating apps.

Their first meeting, as recounted on the Kelce brothers’ podcast, “New Heights,” had varying perspectives. Kylie remembered Jason being quite inebriated and even falling asleep at the bar, with his teammate Beau Allen having to help him home.

Jason, on the other hand, described it as love at first sight, calling Kylie “the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.” Naturally, Kylie couldn’t help but roll her eyes at his romantic portrayal.

Despite the mixed first impression, Jason and Kylie’s connection was strong enough for a second date, where things went much smoother. As for the marriage proposal, it had its cringe-worthy charm too.

While leaving Kylie’s father’s house, Jason concocted an excuse to return inside to talk to her dad about the engagement. He told Kylie he needed to use the bathroom, and upon his return to the car, he admitted, “This isn’t the most romantic way to do this.”

Kylie instantly teared up, sensing what was coming, albeit in a less conventional manner.

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Their wedding day took place on April 14, 2018, at the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia, surrounded by 170 of their close friends and family, including their beloved Irish Wolfhound, Winnie as per People.

The couple celebrated their union with a memorable honeymoon in France, adding another chapter to their unique and endearing love story.

Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray, and Bennett Llewellyn—who was born two weeks after the Super Bowl—are the couple’s three daughters under the age of four. Additionally, they own Baloo and Winnie, two enormous Irish Wolfhounds.