Is Jason Statham Gay? Crank Lead Actor’s Sexuality Revealed

Is Jason Statham Gay? Jason Statham is a popular star known globally for his action-packed thrillers. The rugged good looks, British personality, and martial arts skills, all just work out with his persona. Being one of the top Hollywood stars, it is obvious for people to be curious about his life.

This is not the first time that rumors about Jason Statham being gay have surfaced on the internet. While many rumors suggest that Jason Statham is gay, others also assert that he is homophobic. But what is the truth?

Keep reading the article to get into the depths of the questions surrounding the sexuality of Jason Statham. Is Jason Statham gay or are these just rumors with no base?

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Is Jason Statham Gay?

is jason statham gay

No, Jason Statham is not gay. The rumors are baseless and probably started after the Transporter star stated in 2013 that he is happy being recognized as a gay icon. However, according to Business Standard, it is important to note that the star was talking about his homosexual fan following and not about being gay.

Further, in 2018, 9News noted that Jason Statham was called out for being homophobic when he was recorded while making anti-gay slurs on the sets of his 2015 gambling flick, Wild Card. According to the transcripts, Statham was recorded saying the following lines to Chasman-

“Stop acting like a f–king f-g. I hate that f-ggity f–king shit. Talking, whispering … you guys are acting like a bunch of f–king f-ggots.”

Who Is Jason Statham Dating?

is jason statham gay

Jason Statham has been involved in several high-profile relationships. He is currently in a relationship with Rosie Hyntington Whiteley. The two began dating in 2010 and further got engaged in 2016. The two are known as Hollywood’s power couple.

There are often talks about their possible wedding plans. According to Daily Mail, on the question of getting married, Rosie told Self Magazine that marriage is not their top priority at the time.

“For any couple that’s been together for a certain amount of time, there’s a massive amount of pressure to get married. I totally believe in marriage, but being in a happy relationship is much more important to me … [Kids are] something that’s more realistic in the near future.”